The Words of the Jenkins Family from 2008

Please Chip In Financially To Support 2nd Gens To "The Summit" In LA

Michael Jenkins
October 27, 2008

Dear Family,

God is moving in America and our Young Adults are rising to help lead God's Providence. With Hyun Jin Nim leading the UPF and the Global Peace Festival and In Jin Nim leading our Family Federation we are seeing a great response among our young adults coming forward to shape our direction.

We ask all families to chip in locally to support 10 Young Adults (18 and over) from your own state or district to the witnessing summit to be held in Los Angeles on October 31 - November 2.

In Jin Nim will be there and it promises to be a significant step forward in the partnership between second and first generation to realize the development, growth and expansion of our movement.

Please support the candidates in your district by contributing whatever you can to the 7 - 10 young adults who are selected by the District Director and our local leadership to represent the youth and families of your district at this historic time. Please give $50, $100 or more to support those who have been nominated to go to LA. (We would like many families to join in to support each participant - total cost is around $500 including airfare.) All donations will go only for the Second Generation representatives who have been nominated from your local state or district.

Thanks America!


Click here to see a flyer for the LA Witnessing Summit. 

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