The Words of the Jenkins Family from 2008

To all women in leadership roles - re: ACLC Women in Ministry Conference

Michael Jenkins
November 7, 2008

Dear Directors of Organization, ACLC Coordinators and FFWPU women in leadership,

Another historic opportunity has come to support the advancement of women leadership for America. The ACLC Women in Ministry conference will be held in Atlanta, Georgia from Thursday, November 20 - Saturday, November 22. This conference will have exciting panels exploring the role of women of faith at this time for the family, America and the world. All women leaders are welcome to attend, ACLC women pastors (their spouses are welcome), Wives of Pastors, NGO women leaders, business leaders and others who want to see faith, family and peace enhanced through the leadership of women.

Also, on Friday evening Pastor Debye will be featured- Pastor Debye is the co pastor of the Church in the Now and who along with her husband Co Chair the Global Peace Festival movement in America.

We would like to see representation from all 50 states. Please have ACLC pastors meet and discuss how to send representatives from your local ACLC chapter. This is the era in which women with a motherly heart can strengthen the role of her husband and lead the family, the children and society on the path to peace.

Please do all you can to support. Invitational materials are attached.


Rev. Michael Jenkins Senior Advisor
Executive Committee


ACLC Women In Ministry Mission Statement (pdf)

Atlanta ACLC WIM 2008 Conference Invitation Letter (pdf)

Atlanta ACLC WIM Guideline (pdf)

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