The Words of the Jenkins Family from 2008

GPF Korea - Another Great Step In The Global Movement For Family And Peace

Michael Jenkins
November 10, 2008

Dear Ambassadors for Peace,

The Global Peace Festival was a beautiful success here in Korea on November 9th. The famous Yoido Island Plaza was the site of the event in which an estimated 50,000 gathered. Central to a new era unfolding with this movement for peace is the participation and support of interfaith leaders and mega church pastors who have understood and fully embrace the vision of One Family Under God. Bishop William Sheals and his wife Patty from Atlanta participated in the Interfaith Peace Ceremony during the festival. They shared that they felt a special spirit of the Lord guiding us all to peace. Patty, a Korean America was deeply moved by the festival and the spirit of "One Family Under God". Mrs. Sheals said that it gave her great pride in her African America - Korean heritage.

An interfaith ceremony was led by Dr. Hyung Jin Moon in which 12 religious leaders from Muslim, Christian (various denominations), Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh. They silently prayed as each poured a vessel of water into a very large common vessel symbolizing the time of the unity of the faiths. The sun broke through the clouds during the ceremony giving people a special feeling of Divine Presence.

Bishop Jim Swilley of Church in the Now addressed the gathering sharing - "We believe that God is moving in a very special way through the concept of One Family Under God. God wants us to come together in unity. This land of Korea has been divided in war for so long. I would like you to pray for the people of the North and the peaceful unification of Korea guided by One Family Under God." Bishop Swilley asked the gathering to stand and turn facing the north. Then he asked them to stretch their hands out toward their brothers and sisters in North Korea pray for them and for the unity of Korea so that it can become one truly great nation. The participants shouted with excitement and then their was silence - prayer and love extended to the North. This is the work that Faith leaders can instill in the process of peace making - opening the door for a faith based diplomacy to emerge as the diplomats follow through.

Dr. Hyun Jin Moon is the founder of the GPF. He has led magnificent festivals in the Philippines, Paraguay, the U.S., Kenya, Mongolia, Malaysia and now Korea. The festival is like a spiritual tsunami that is bringing peace and hope throughout the world. He gave a moving address on the core values of interfaith, service and peace. He praised the changes going on in America and the hope that now comes with election of President Elect Obama. He added this change is good, however it is our responsibility to see to it that the changes promote responsibility, sacrifice for others, peace, family, unity and the spirit of respect and love for all people as One Family Under God.

The International Leadership Conference which is a component of the Global Peace Festival was convened with delegates from every continent. Faith leaders, members of parliament, NGO leaders and heads of state gathered for the ILC. One overwhelming sentiment expressed repeatedly from the delegates from every part of the world - from Eurasia, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and South America - America is again the hope of the world.

The International Leadership Seminar emphasized that this time of new hope will lead to a better world only if people of faith and conscience stand up in America and the world and strengthen marriage and family, interfaith dialogue and service. The Ambassadors for Peace must be the vanguard of this new movement of peace that is touching all generations and removing the boundaries and barriers that have separated us. This can't be done from the top down. If must come from the heart and the conscience of all good people. There is now a ground swell of a new spirit of peace and the world can definitely become One Family Under God. 

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