The Words of the Jenkins Family from 2008

True Parents Birthday, International Blessing in NY, Jan. 31

Michael Jenkins
December 21, 2008

Dear District Directors, State Directors and all FFWPU Blessed families and members,

The Historic 90th Birthday Celebration of our True Parents will be held in New York on Saturday, January 31st. The current information we have is that the International Holy Blessing will be held during the birthday celebration. 210 couples will be blessed - 120 from the world and 90 from the U.S. All candidates from the U.S. and those who will be the international representatives for the 210 couples for the Holy Blessing should plan to attend in New York on the 31st. (We understand that there will also be web cast transmission and blessings and celebrations held throughout the world).

All are encouraged to wear the traditional attire of the nation (s) they represent. It is understood that the majority of couples should be second generation couples matched by True Parents or their own parents according to Blessing Department standards. Also, some clergy, VIPs and 1st generation couples newly matched couples will be able to participate. It is our understanding that those who are already married may be able to attend and receive True Parents blessing of marriage.

We are still waiting for official communications from the International Headquarters of UPF and FFWPUI concerning the details. Also, we do not have word yet on how Father may match second generation candidates who want to receive Father's matching. Please stand by for details. However, it is official that the 90th Birthday and Blessing will be on the 31st in New York.

Thank You.

Rev. Michael Jenkins

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