The Words of the Jenkins Family from 2008

CARP is growing on Campuses

Michael Jenkins
December 29, 2008

Dear Family,

CARP is growing on campuses across the country. Mr. Kenshu Aoki CARP President has initiated strong education and service based leadership and is teaming up with the "Summit Pilot" program in LA with Mr. David Hunter and Jitoma and Camia Gavin for the "Lasting Imprint" workshop. They all are teaching for this 5 day program and many guests are coming who are young professionals who have graduated from college community as well as students on campus.

CARP has been growing as more and more second generation college students are feeling the call to become CARP leaders on Campus. Many came to this through the National Leadership Training Program, STF or just from pure desire to do something good for humanity.

The number of current CARP leaders may surprise you. They are: Nate Mull (Boston College), Karilee Rodgers (New York and Westchester Community Colleges), Guktae An (Tufts), Daniel Perry (U. Mass. - Boston), Claire Munsell (Columbia University), Miilhan Stephens (University of Maryland), Yun A Johnson (American University in Washington D.C.), B. Poland (Washington DC District CARP leader), Tenseng Guh (Binghampton U. upstate NY), Unja Wilson (Univ. of South Alabama), Hiro Hernandez (Univ. of Texas), Hiroshi Takarada (Univ. of Bridgeport), Marcus Gaigg (Rutgers U.), Keiko Sometani and Josh Swensen (Northwestern U. - Evanston, IL), Christel Tardy (College of New Jersey), Maria Anceny (UC Berkeley), Jaka Gavin (Century College and all Minn. Universities), Leighton Degoede (Seattle CARP), Tadakimi Takashima (Univ. of S. Cal.and Pasadena City College), Adonia Bratti (Columbus State Community College), Joy Monestere (Univ. of New Orleans), Sun Rey Eagle (Univ. of Colorado - Denver), Soki Hagiwara (Chabot College - Bay Area), Chris Sarna (Pasadena City College), Chong Deuk Woo (Northeastern U.), Grace Ross (Cornell U.), Koree Christiansen (Univ. of Omaha) (There are many more coming into leadership).

These are our young adult college leaders who are striving to bring peace, service and a college movement to help build better lives for the youth of America. They need your financial support -- they are poised to grow and develop to build a better life on Campus and help the nation. With your help more youth will join CARP.

I want to ask families across America to help finance this growing movement. Please make your pledge directly to Kenshu Aoki. To donate online go to and click on donations. All gifts are tax deductible as CARP is a registered 501c3. With you gift you will receive a thank you note and a receipt. You will receive Quarterly reports on how the money is used for non profit educational programs on American campuses to promote peace through interfaith, service and a vision of living for the sake of others.

Let's help the young college students help others through CARP. Sincerely,

Dr. Michael Jenkins 

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