The Words of the Jenkins Family from 2008

Reflections on the 8th Year of Cheon Il Guk

Michael Jenkins
December 31, 2008

As we come to the final moments of 2008, we must truly thank God for the blessings he has bestowed on all of us in the eighth year of Cheon Il Guk. True Parents began this historic year with the motto “Mansei for the Ssang Hab Jubilee years of the Seventh and Eighth years of Cheon Il Guk of the Universal Peace Federation” extending the grace of 2007 to 2008, making the seventh and eighth years of Cheon Il Guk years when all the barriers and burdens of sin that humanity has carried for history can be atoned for and forgiven.

However, this grace, though freely given, comes with an enormous price -- a price paid by God and True Parents. The path that True Parents walked in 2008 was one of immense meaning and destiny in which True Father has steadfastly proclaimed that the substantial realization of Cheon Il Guk will be completed by January 13, 2013. He also gave a vision for a new world emerging in which all faiths, races, and ethnicities will become one as blessed families and that the Abel UN will lead the way to bring nations together in Peace. However, when we began this course of 2008, none of us imagined what would be required for such a new world to be given birth.

True Parents guided us throughout the year about the most essential aspect of our faith, that is, that we must walk the holy path of faith through eight stages to eventually come to a level in which our own hearts and families become the dwelling of God, a level in which we have the shim jung (heart) that God does. To do that, we must walk through the eight-stage vertical path of the servant of servant, servant, adopted child, stepchild, child of direct lineage, mother, father, and then God.

Horizontally, True Parents have laid the path that we also must walk to establish Cheon Il Guk -- that is the eight-stage path through the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, cosmos (spirit world and physical world) and God. True Parents personally fulfilled this path and offered it to God in the Ceremony for the Completion of Eight Stages (Pal Jeong Shik) in Alaska on August 31, 1989. This is the path of restoration that is fundamental to the dispensation and True Parents carried it out centering on the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification International and the Abel UN.

On March 17, 2007, the Pacific Rim Era was launched during Father’s 88th year. No one would imagine that one year later to the day on March 17, 2008, True Parents once again walked the path of sacrificing everything. On that day, their eldest son, Hyo Jin Nim, passed into the spirit world. Once again, our True Parents put everything on the altar of God with true love. This tearful path is not only the path of True Parents but also of the True Family. It is a path of true love in which God is totally relied on and trusted in all areas and circumstances. Under this suffering condition Father and Mother didn’t waver, but True Pa rents’ hearts were profoundly filled with anguish. Father said,

This time Hyo Jin Nim went to the Spirit World. Heung Jin Nim has been the commander of the spirit world. However, there has still been division there. Now through the ascension of Hyo Jin Nim these final barriers will be removed. He is the lord who can open the deepest spiritual realm and make it a garden of loyalty and filial piety. Heung Jin Nim worked on the basis of religion. Now even greater things will happen through Hyo Jin Nim.

Father wrote an official message or title for Hyo Jin Nim’s Seung Hwa that said, “He will open and liberate the deepest heaven and turn it into a flower garden as the lord who opens the gates of loyalty and filial piety.” Father then began a special 40-day condition during which Rev. Hyung Jin Moon was installed as the International President of FFWPUI. This occurred on April 18, 2008. The first thing that Hyung Jin Nim did was offer his presidency to his elder brother, saying that it is actually Hyo Jin Nim’s presidency. True Parents also appointed In Jin Nim as head of the Manhattan Center to inherit the work of Hyo Jin Nim and to expand it.

Hyung Jin Nim has created a spiritual awakening of our blessed central families through his rapidly growing ministry in Seoul and the leadership of all Blessed Central Families through internationally through FFWPUI video ( ministry followed by members throughout the world. His message is one of profound understanding of Cheon Seong Gyeong the compilation of Father’s life long teaching, as well as the deep sense of walking the path of the spiritual life of sincerity and true love as a basis for building the blessed family. The movement is growing and focusing on bringing the blessed families to the full realization of their identity as families of God, sons and daughters of True Parents, in God’s image and likeness. His work is helping us walk the vertical eight stages, and also complementing and supporting the development of the horizontal eight stages in which Cheon Il Guk is manifested on the earth.

Hyung Jin Nim’s ministry grew rapidly and was reported to Father. The original goal was to gather 21,000 members. Father added another zero, saying that a temple should be created for 210,000. Hyung Jin Nim and Kook Jin Nim and all True Family prayed to understand Father’s deeper meaning, and it was understood that the temple to be created should be one for all faiths, in which all religions and people of faith can come together and worship and honor God, doing so with no divisions or barriers, as brothers because True Parents have emerged.

In Hawaii Father gave this historic temple the name Cheon Bok Gyong (Unification Temple for World Peace). It will be a center of peace beyond sectarianism and exclusion, based on shared universal values held in common by all religions and faiths, values established by the teachings and philosophy of true love and true family. It has been likened to the historic temple that God built for the chosen people as a central point for God’s work, now in the age of Cheon Il Guk all faiths and peoples are chosen by God to become one centering on the blessing of marriage and God’s lineage. This can be done without losing the essential qualities and uniqueness that God instilled in every faith -- the only difference is that God has sent True Parents to bring all the family together as one.

On True Parents Day, April 6, at the Hawaii King Garden, Father made a special ceremony centering on True Mother and True Family. True Mother was asked by Father to directly guide the True Parents’ Day celebration. She was the MC, read the speech, and then was asked by Father to stand before the offering table, between Kook Jin Nim and Hyun Jin Nim, and offer total unity and respect to Father through the Kyung Beh. Father then said, “True Mother is to bring the sons together and bow to True Father. Heaven and Earth have to become one centering on Mother. Here on True Parents Day all brothers are to become one centering on True Mother, all must become one centering on True Mother.” True Mother from that moment has been working with incredible heart and love to bring all of us into unity -- ultimately bringing us into unity with True Father. As Father proclaimed the Pacific Rim Era centers on True Mother. We must go to Father through True Mother.

Shortly after True Parents Day Father made worldwide leadership changes. In May, Dr. Chang Shik Yang, who brought America to such a historic level through the clergy and interfaith work as our Continental Director, was called to be the Continental Director (regional president) of Korea; Dr. and Mrs. Pyung Hwa Kim, who had been victorious for many years throughout Asia, came as the Regional Presidents (Co-Continental Directors) of America and was called by True Parents to create a witnessing Renaissance. This set the stage for a new beginning on every level in America and opened the way for True Family to take the central responsibility in many dimensions of the three primary nations.

Soon after, True Father appointed In Jin Nim as Chairman of the FFWPU in America, and her inauguration was on August 14. Focusing on ministry and the development of the Blessed Central Families, In Jin Nim has toured all of America, bringing True Parents’ love and encouragement to all blessed families, especially to the Second Generation. She has deeply encouraged all of us to enter the era in which we strive to be the best in every field. Also, True Mother in 2007 initiated the call for outreach to bring young people to our movement. In Jin Nim has strongly supported the “Summit” and pilot programs, which are bringing a new era of cooperation between the First and Second Generations to open the way for new people to join our movement to build a new world.

When we think of 2008 and especially the path of True Parents with Hyo Jin Nim, we all feel a heart of sadness. Let us all as Americans truly repent that we could not protect God’s family. Let us begin this year of 2009 with a deeper heart of loyalty and filial piety to our True Parents and with deeper love for the True Family. When Heung Jin Nim went to the spiritual world, it was also because the people who were chosen, -- the blessed families and the central religious people of Christianity, were not able to fulfill the conditions of the foundation of substance to allow God’s dominion. When we couldn’t fulfill, then True Parents and True Family have had to pay the indemnity on our behalf. This shouldn’t have been. But as it was with Jesus, when the disciples couldn’t understand he went the way of the cross on our behalf. So it has been in the course of True Parents. Heung Jin Nim paid a price to protect our True Parents and then, in addition, Father went the path of imprisonment in Danbury.

These conditions allowed Christianity, America, and all blessed families to make a new start, and the foundation that God had prepared to bring about the Kingdom was protected. Because the people chosen by God could not fulfill, then True Parents took on the burden directly. Father overcame what many believed was certain death by going to prison, where he served the other prisoners and won their hearts. Christianity united in America during the Danbury course and stood proclaiming Father’s innocence. From that sprung the incredible movement of Christians that have supported True Parents and now has become the ACLC.

When Heung Jin Nim went to the spirit world centering on the religious sphere and took down all the barriers of religion and unified the religious founders and then, together with Dae Mo Nim, opened the way for the liberation and blessing of our ancestors. On the foundation of True Parents indemnity course, Father unified Christianity, worked through the media and brought understanding to the world of the problem of Godless communism. Through this work communism collapsed and the world came into a completely new history. America was set to usher in God’s Peace Kingdom.

Likewise, in this year of immense grace, the people chosen by God could not fulfill all that was required to protect the True Family and expand God’s foundation according to the timetable that Father had set -- by January 13, 2013. Because of this incomplete foundation, God again had to allow True Family to pay the price on behalf of humanity. Not only did Hyo Jin Nim go to the spirit world, but also True Parents went through the life-and-death ordeal of the helicopter accident. Hyo Jin Nim went to the spirit world victoriously with a heart of filial piety. Father could proclaim that Hyo Jin Nim’s course would advance the unity of America, and the Abel and Cain UNs. The helicopter accident occurred and was turned into a victory. Miraculously, True Parents’ conditions were right to pay the maximum price in the shortest amount of time -- passing through a course of certain death -- only to resurrect and show the incredible support, love, and power of God protecting them.

From that resurrection, a completely new era has begun. Religious and political leaders all over the world sent messages of respect and love, many mentioning that this demonstrated in the most profound way imaginable that God is with our True Parents. God protected them -- only God could have brought them through. They are truly God’s precious True Family. With this, Father gained more hope and confidence than ever. He said later that, because of this condition, God can move the providence toward 2013 more surely and rapidly. He called for the True Family to take a more central role in every way.

All True Family members are responding in a profound way. In Jin Nim accepted the role of Chairman of FFWPU America shortly after this incident. Father began a 40-day period from July 19 through August 27th when he held the first resurrection ceremony after completing 40 days. Based on this, resurrection ceremonies were held in every country. On this basis, Father could launch the “Education Session Proclaiming the Completion of the Liberated Realm of the Portion of Responsibility of God’s Providential History.” True Father proclaimed God’s total liberation: True Parents would now take full responsibility and God’s responsibility had been completed and liberated by them. To inherit this, all leaders went through and are continuing to go through a seven-day Divine Principle course with new contents directly from True Parents as given to Rev. Eu.

While walking this path, Father never wavered for one second. He has emphasized more than ever the Peace Messages, especially the message 10 on Absolute Sexual Morality, 13 on the Pacific Rim Era and 14 on Family Pledge. He has guided us that we all can understand the fundamentals of life through studying the Peace Messages and the Chung Seong Gyeong. Hoon Dok Hae centering on the “word” is the key to the fulfillment of the eight-stage path for each blessed central family. He has also made it clear that the fundamental path to the full realization of Cheon Il Guk (the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth) centers on key providential nations, especially America and the development of the Abel UN. The Peace Messages are addressed both to the Blessed Central Families and the Ambassadors for Peace, calling on them all to create blessed families through three generations and to expand this foundation to the nation and the world through the Abel UN.

Just as the Family Federation led by Hyung Jin Nim is leading toward the vertical fulfillment of 8 stages in support of the horizontal expansion, the work of True Parents through Hyun Jin Nim is working to lift up the Abel UN and contribute to the fulfillment of the necessary horizontal eight stages. This is to be done through the fulfillment of the horizontal realization of God’s Peace Kingdom through the individual, family, society, people, nation, world and cosmos (Heaven an d Earth) and God. True Father has chosen and anointed Hyun Jin Nim as the Co-Chairman of the Universal Peace Federation International to carry out this providence, centering on the Peace Messages and the Abel UN. Hyun Jin Nim courageously conducted the Global Peace Festivals in every continent, with partners who shared the vision of realizing “One Family Under God.” Every Continental Director fulfilled and achieved a great victory for God through the Global Peace Festivals. The GPF is an ongoing movement that combines the elements of Service, Family and Interfaith together.

Hyun Jin Nim and Hyung Jin Nim and all of True Family are sincerely working centering on True Parents to realize all that is necessary now for God’s Peace Kingdom. The UPF / Abel UN is the central to this dispensation to educate all leaders to create nations of Cheon Il Guk and build God’s Peace Kingdom. Father has also called on all in our movement and the organizations, faiths, and nations of the world to support the Abel UN. The Abel UN must embrace the existing UN and bring about God’s kingdom.

It must do this based on support from America and the providential nations and the faith leaders of the world, as well as the civic and NGO leaders. America, the Abel UN, and the existing UN are central to God’s dispensation to bring about peace on earth and the Kingdom of God. On the basis of the UPF and the Ambassadors for Peace, True Parents could receive recognition globally as the King and Queen of Peace. From that, the Chung Jeong Gyeong could be opened on June 13, 2006, and the dwelling of God could be with man. On September 23, 2007, True Father lifted up the Abel UN to another level by having representatives of each nation participate in the general assembly of the Abel UN. True Father’s 90th Birthday will include the Commemoration of the Inauguration of the Abel UN accomplished at that time.

In 2008 True Father fulfilled the pattern that he proclaimed many years ago. The path to peace has a formula. First Catholic and Protestant Christianity must unite through the cooperation of North and South America. Then Christianity, Judaism, and Islam can unite, bringing peace in the Middle East. On that basis, North and South Korea will unite.

To realize this, Father had the Abel UN conduct the Middle East Peace Initiative, the Northeast Peace Initiative directly supporting the six-way talks for peace between North and South Korea, and the Americas’ Summit, bringing together North and South American religious and political leaders. Father as the King of Peace launched the providence of the Peace King representatives (Boon Bang Wang) to every nation in the world this year and selected both internal and external representatives.

Though we often don’t understand, Father is setting the conditions that are necessary to bring about the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Through ACLC, the unity of Christianity has been fostered and the role of religious leaders in America strengthened. Through Women’s Federation, Mother’s role has been protected and lifted up, preparing women to lead in this Pacific Rim Era. Through the ALC, the patriots of America are being called to help America to fulfill the true meaning of its creed. Through the Youth Federation, young people are engaging in service and peace to fulfill a critical role.

ACLC leaders supported Hyun Jin Nim, who led the mega-church work that has brought significant support from major and most famous Christian leaders from North America and South America, who could come together in Brazil for the GPF. GPF and the International Leadership Conference have opened the door for the top leaders of the nations of the world to understand True Parents on a different level: as peacemakers, the King and Queen of Peace; the True Parents, who bless the family, and the representatives of God, who serve and inspire all to live for the sake of others.

The GPF has greatly enhanced the UPF. Hyun Jin Nim also strengthened the interfaith focus of MEPI, which has allowed interfaith relations to more deeply solidify. Major media in America recognized that for the first time in the U.S. at the GPF on August 9th at the U.S. Capitol key Palestinian and Israeli Clerics embraced in a spirit of reconciliation for peace. Father was so pleased when Hyun Jin Nim completed the glorious GPF in the Philippines which has been growing as a movement for over a year there.

The Philippines which held the first GPF in December, 2007, demonstrated that the GPF movement is real and viable -- it expanded with partners through every state of the Philippines and concluded this December with a huge gathering and the support of the media and the nations religious and political leaders. Though the crisis still rages in the Middle East and tragically now in Gaza, the Muslim, Christian and Jewish faith leaders who are true Ambassadors for Peace will never give up. They will continue the work of interfaith dialogue in which faith leaders will eventually show the political leaders options for peace without war. They will work until doors of peace can open. True Father has pledged that he will never give up until the “guns fall silent” in the Middle East.

2009 is the year in which all of Father’s sacrifices can be harvested. The election of the new President in America also points to the fact that the walls of race and religion are set to come tumbling down. There is hope for America and now is the time for us as people of faith to pray for our nations leaders and the faith leaders to come together to create a world of peace. It just came out that in 1975 True Father gave a speech in a city none other than Chicago and said,

Let's say we have the Blessing ceremony of 5,000 couples at Madison Square Garden. What would you say if there are 5,000 black people and 5,000 white people? When we think that the marriage is also done for the sake of indemnity, we can say international marriage would give you more blessing. That is the way to receive more of Heaven's fortune. In the near future, a couple of black and white will accede to the throne as people of merit, who live for human beings and God's will.

I know how difficult it is, and all the difficulties about that, but when we think marriage is also done for the sake of indemnity, I would like to say that those international couples will receive more blessing and more descendants who will lead the world than anybody else. In the future, who will be the president of the United States? People of mixed blood with black and white w ill have more of their kind becoming presidents of the United States. That is the conclusion. This will come true.
Rev. Sun Myung Moon, October 24, 1975, in Chicago.

Father concluded this year setting conditions in the desert around Las Vegas, pledging that he will set the conditions that a family culture of faithfulness and fidelity will blossom everywhere in America and the world. Father is now calling for Divine Principle education, on deeper levels and with new content revealed at this time. Let us celebrate the great victories of our True Parents in 2008 and with sincere hearts pledge that we will bring total comfort and victory for God in 2009. Let us offer our sincere gratitude to God and True Parents for their True Love. 

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