The Words of the Jenkins Family from 2009

Message from Korea on this True God's Day 2009

Michel Jenkins
January 1, 2009

Dear Family,

Happy True God's Day. We are here in Korea with True Parents and True Family.

Before True Parents entered to give the midnight prayer for January 1, 2009, we began with a report from Dr. Chang Shik Yang, regional president of Korea, reviewing 2008, especially Father's amazing investment in educating key leaders at the end of the year, gathering them together in the western United States and meeting for 12 hours without a break to discuss the future of God's dispensation in 2009. (At that meeting one point decided was that True Parents' birthday celebration would be held both in Korea and New York on the same day.)

A video was shown highlighting the incredible suffering course and the victories of our True Parents in 2008. Hyo Jin Nim's ascension and True Parents' helicopter accident and the resurrection that followed were the central features, along with great advancements of the work of our True Parents -- establishing the ministry focus and development of the blessed central families through Hyung Jin Nim as president of FFWPUI and In Jin Nim as chair of FFWPU-USA, as well as the victories of the Global Peace Festivals centering on Hyun Jin Nim, and development of the Tong-il Group centering on Kook Jin Nim, which will work to support God's providence. It was beautiful to see how all the True Family are taking different roles in the providence, and it was very moving when they all arrived.

Finally Rev. Hyung Jin Moon gave a deep message about how our Unification family grew and developed so much in the year 2008, giving great confidence in our identity as blessed families. Though we are not yet all that God wants us to be, True Parents are very pleased with our development, with great hope in our Unification family and our movement. Hyung Jin nim asked us to pray just before True Parents came out and sincerely prepare for a great year in 2009.

Father's prayer

Father and Mother came out in traditional Korean attire six minutes before midnight to thunderous applause. Just at midnight they began the new year with prayer. What follows is just a brief summary of that prayer, for your inspiration. The official text will come from our international headquarters.

Heavenly Father, last year we gave the motto that the 7th and 8th years of jubilee would be combined. Now True Parents and God are coming together as one on this new True God's Day. As we bring in this new year, spirit world, heaven and earth are here united with us. We are all prepared to make a new beginning in 2009. True Parents stand before this created world as God's representative to declare the realm of True Parents, and the victory of true love, true life, and true lineage. We will now proclaim a new era in which God and True Parents are one, and we will proclaim a new motto. We sincerely pray that you will accept this motto and that we can completely unite with you in heart and mind.

Because of Eve's mistake, Satan took God's rights and authority and stained the lineage of heaven. From Adam to Jesus to the Old Testament, New Testament, and Completed Testament ages and now into the realm of the fourth Adam, all has been reclaimed and restored. Your authority and lineage have been established.

Now the time has come to proclaim the victorious conclusion of this providence. All of the bitter sorrow through which you accomplished this victory leads us into the ninth year of Cheon Il Guk, the tenth, eleventh, twelfth years in which we can claim the victorious right of heaven. We have now begun this new year and it's our hope and prayer that all that you desire can be accomplished, and that your glory, omnipotence and power will shine, and all creation and humanity with true love can come under you and you alone.

Now we will begin anew to advance the Abel UN and to allow you to be recognized as the king of all kings. This will be a new era of your absolute true love.

Father concluded the prayer with tears in such an atmosphere of sincerity and love for God. Then True Parents went to the table where paper was laid out for the calligraphy. This particular calligraphy is very long; the paper had to be extended quite a bit to get all of Father's contents. We have just received from FFWPUI that the motto is (tentative):

"The era of proclaiming the victory of absolute sexual ethics, true love and true life in the realm of the Cosmic Sabbath of the Parents of Heaven and Earth"

Let us celebrate his historic year of 2009 with great sincerity and devotion to God and True Parents and a profound commitment to love all humanity.



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