The Words of the Jenkins Family from 2009

True Parent's 90th Birthday Celebration

Michael Jenkins
January 9, 2009

Family Federation for World Peace and Unification
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North America Headquarters
Dr. In Jin Moon, Chairwoman
Dr. Pyung Hwa Kim, Continental Director
Rev. Michael Jenkins, President

NHQ20080109 No. 3

TO: All FFWPU Leaders and Members
FROM: Dr. Michael Jenkins
DATE: January 9, 2009
RE: True Parent's 90th Birthday Celebration

We pray for God's abundant blessing for your family in this new year of 2009. We are pleased to announce that Korea and America has been given the honor to host True Parents historic 90th Birthday Celebration. This celebration will be held in New York on Saturday, January 31, 2009. This is the joint celebration of True Father and True Mother's birthday and a historic moment in God's dispensation in which America and the world can give them honor for the fulfilling the path of the True Family ideal and the realization of Cheon Il Guk.

This celebration also offers a wonderful opportunity in which the life and teaching of our True Parents can be crystallized and more effectively communicated, so that all in the world can see a model path in which all humanity can create blessed families and realize world peace in the Era After the Coming of Heaven. The 90th Birthday Celebratory Committee has been formed in which True Family are Co Chairs and advising the preparations. Rev. Kwak has been made the chairman of the organizing committee and Dr. Chang Shik Yang and Dr. Pyung Hwa Kim are Vice Chairmen. The Family Federation will be responsible for the Blessing and the UPF International will be responsible for the evening Gala in New York. All organizations are cooperating together under the banner of the 90th Birthday Celebratory Committee for all segments of the birthday.

True Parent's 90th Birthday Celebration, January 31, 2009
Basic Schedule

5:00 am Birthday Pledge Service In Seoul Korea
(True Parents will fly to America after the ceremony arriving the same day)

1:00 pm True Parents arrive in America

4:00 pm "Celebration of Life and Love" -- Blessing Ceremony - 210 Couples (2nd Generation, Amb. For Peace -- 180 Countries represented) Manhattan Center - 7th Floor Grand Ballroom 2nd Generation, Ambassadors for Peace and Clergy

5:30 pm Private Dinners (Note: there will be no joint banquet -- each conference and group will hold their own dinner programs)

7:00 pm UPF International Gala Celebration Manhattan Center -- Hammerstein Ballroom

Tributes to True Parents Life, Father's 90th Birthday Address in Commemoration of the inauguration of the Abel UN Convening the North / South America Federation for Peace 90th Birthday Gala Celebration - ( Note: this will be a ticketed event)

February 1st -- Hoon Dok Hae for Blessed Families - Location will be announced.

Contribution for the Birthday Celebration:

In Jin Nim is guiding us with an incredible heart of sympathy and understanding for the sacrifices that brothers and sisters have been continuously making. She is calling for a new era of giving from the heart with a new sense of involvement and ownership that is supported by total transparency of how funds are used to fulfill the work of our ministry in America. With this in mind we have created a special fund entitled the "90th birthday Commemorative Fund." This fund will be transparent and a report will be given on how it is used for the birthday. From this fund In Jin Nim has asked that we also donate a portion for a fund for the development and education of the second generation.

We are suggesting a donation of $500 per family. Again, please give from your heart. We are also creating a special Platinum, Gold and Silver donor recognition for businesses or individuals that wish to offer more. If you or your company is interested in offering more than the suggested offering, please email Margaret and she will send you the "special donors" packet. For those who become "Special Donors" your names will be printed in the 90th Birthday commemorative brochure for a keepsake for posterity. Please make your checks payable to HSA-UWC and be sure to note on the check "90th Birthday Commemorative Fund." Please send all donations to your District Headquarters as soon as possible. The District Headquarters will send it to the 90th Birthday fund.

Special Conferences:

To provide deeper understanding and education concerning God's hope at this time conferences will be conducted at part of the birthday commemorative. The International Leadership Conference of UPF will convene with world delegates and Ambassadors for Peace. In addition the American Clergy Leadership Conferences will also conduct a special conference for faith leaders. Both conferences will observe True Parent's blessing of marriage and then join the Gala.

21 Day Prayer Condition - Saturday, January 10 - January 30th

Suggested Prayer Points:

1. For the blessing and protection of True Parents and True Family and the fulfillment of heaven's desire in this 9th year of Cheon Il Guk.

2. That the 90th Birthday Celebration in Korea and America is a resounding fulfillment of True Parent's motto for 2009.

3. That we achieve unity of heart to bring joy God from all Blessed Central Families toward the realization of Cheon Il Guk and the fulfillment of True Parents plan through January 13, 2013.


Rev. Michael Jenkins

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