The Words of the Jenkins Family after 2008

Miracle on the Hudson, Capt. Manuel Liba a Unificationist one of first responders

Michael Jenkins
January 19, 2009

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Everyone in America is excited about the "Miracle on the Hudson" in which 155 passengers of U.S. Air Flight 1549 survived the plane crash in the frigid waters of the Hudson river on Thursday, January 15th. Our Unification family joins with all of America to salute the wisdom, skill and courage of US Airways pilot Chesley B. "Sully" Sullenberger III.

In addition, there were many others who made heroic efforts on that day, one that is surely of particular interest to our blessed families, is the effort made by Mr. Manuel Liba, whose blessed family are members of the New Jerusalem Family Church in Clifton, New Jersey. He was one of the first responders to the crash site. He is the Captain of the NY Waterways ferry the "Mo Ira Smith" that runs between Weehawken, New Jersey and Manhattan. Mo Ira Smith was a FDNY rescue workers who gave his life at the World Trade Center on 9/11 and the ship is named in his memory.

Captain Liba was on the dock on the Hudson river preparing his boat for the next run, when he saw the plane fly by. He said, "My first thought went to 9/11 because no jet aircraft can fly in this area and I thought it might be an attack. Then I realized it was a crash landing. I watched in awe, stunned at what we were seeing. The plane landed smoothly but then as it dug into the water it came to a pretty hard and fast stop. Within seconds people were climbing out on the wing and I thought, we have to save them."

He and his crew immediately pushed off from the pier and drove to the plane. He brought the boat up to the left wing (port) side of the aircraft while his two crew members began helping people off the boat. The "Mo Ira Smith" was the second boat on the scene. 14 people were taken off the plane safely through his efforts. Within minutes many boats and the helicopter rescue teams had arrived and all were working together for the Miracle on the Hudson.

This is truly a good sign for America. In 2001, early into a new President's term, two planes crashed in Manhattan and so many innocent lives were taken -- the world then entered an era of global conflict. Now at the beginning of another new President's term a plane crashes in Manhattan and all were saved. We are grateful to God for this blessing and this sign of God's love for America and a new beginning of an era for global peace. It is a sign of good fortune for America. It also indicates good fortune for this 9th year of the building of the Peace Kingdom. True Parents were very moved when they heard about God's blessing and miraculous protection for the survivors. It certainly reminds us of how grateful we are to God for protecting True Parents in the helicopter crash last year in which, like on the Hudson, all survived.

We want to offer sincere thanks to all the first responders and rescue workers who once again demonstrated the greatness of the American spirit at times of trial. We also want to express our gratitude and thanks to Mr. Manuel Liba who was there to help others. Manuel you make us all proud to be Unificationists.


Rev. Michael Jenkins
Family Church of America 

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