The Words of the Jenkins Family after 2008

90th Birthday - With Original Memo Concerning Special Donors Attached

Michael Jenkins
January 27, 2009

Dear Heads of companies and organizations and District Directors,

The response to the Special Donors of Platinum, Gold and Silver opportunity to make extra effort to support True Parents' Birthday was inspired by our the Co Chair of the 90th Birthday USA Commemorative Committee Rev. In Jin Moon. We are pleased to announce that the response has been beautiful. We sincerely thank all that participated. We know that there may be a number of people or companies that still want to offer their support for True Parents. Therefore we are asking that you communicate today your final commitment and pledge. The deadline for all donors will be at 9 PM tonight on Tuesday, January 27th. All individual donors should report to the District Headquarters and the District should report to Margaret. In addition, all companies which are participating should communicate directly in terms of their pledge to Margaret. If you miss the 9PM deadline we cannot guarantee you name listed in the Birthday Celebration materials.

Special Category - We also want to recognize other aspects of devotion and life of faith besides financial contributions and our chairman is very concerned to recognize those who have made special efforts in their life of faith. We are happy to announce that there will be a special recognition for 24 individuals (2 from each District) who have made outstanding effort in their life of faith in various categories of offering service and devotion to God, True Parents and Humanity who will be also given this special honor. Their names will not be listed in the program but they will be honored at the beginning of the coronation program and seated in the special category section of VVIPS. (There will be tickets for this group).

Attached is the Original Memo (pdf) for both companies and private individuals who will be listed in the program for their extra effort to support True Parents birthday celebration.


Rev. Michael Jenkins
Co-Director 90th Birthday Commemorative Committee 

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