The Words of the Jenkins Family after 2008

Please Collect Testimonies - Send To Margaret

Michael Jenkins
February 2, 2009

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Thank you for bringing joy to God and True Parents for the 90th Birthday Celebration. Thank you for your sacrifices to make this a great success. Both in time and financial support. Also many companies helped support this birthday. We thank you all sincerely.

Father is very very happy. We heard that he said he misses America. The Ceremonies were so profound and uplifting. The Blessing of 270 Couples was an amazing experience -- now these newly weds are off on a journey to create True Love. Hyung Jin Nim and In Jin Nim gave each couple a gift on Sunday at the "Family Celebration" after HDH with True Parents.

What a glorious victory for God -- and the time in which God's Authority and Liberation is fully secured. It was the day in which True Parents blessing was conferred on Hyung Jin Nim and Yeon Ah Nim as the spiritual leader of our movement under True Parents. All True Family was glorified.

God's Peace Kingdom is coming -- through the Peace UN and the Peace Movement launched on January 31st and through the Blessing of Marriage in which the lineage of heaven is secured in the development of True Families that will always be faithful and pure. When there is peace in the family, peace will extend to the community and the world. Father launched the Peace and Family movement through his 90th Birthday celebration in Korea and America on the same day.

Brothers and Sisters -- to bring joy from True Parents -- they want to hear more testimonies and experiences. Could you help us please

Please collect the following reflections: send to Margaret.

1. ON THE 4 PM PROGRAM - 90th Birthday From Amb. for Peace, Clergy and VIPS who came to the 4 pm program..

2. ON THE BLESSING: Second Generation and VIPS etc.- on the Blessing at 7:30 pm

3. On HDH at 5 am - from anyone

4. On In Jin Nim's "Family Celebration" (THIS ONE IS ALSO VERY IMPORTANT)

First and Second Generation all are welcome to send reflections. Please copy them on our website at Register as a login member in the upper right corner and post your comments and reflections. (Be sure to copy Margaret so we can immediately make a book.

a. Arianna's piano performance - What a real example, experience vision of excellence, beauty and achievement - we were melted by her music. Do you have a message to send to Arianna to encourage her?

b. What did Joe Longo's band make you feel - it was Hyo Jin Nim's band and they kept the vision.

c. Brian Saunders and the New Hope Singers

d. Ministry Team with Diego and Chris Allen Derflinger and Larel Nakai

Hyung Jin Nim's Message

Jin Sung Nim's Message



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