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Coronation for the Authority and Liberation of God - the King of Kings - Jan. 15

Michael Jenkins
February 7, 2009

Report on the Coronation for the Authority of the Liberation of God, the King of Kings Chung Jeong Gong Peace Palace and Museum Chung Pyung Lake, S. Korea January 15, 2009 by Rev. Michael Jenkins.

The ceremony began with remarks from the President of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification in Korea, Dr. Chang Shik Yang, as the Master of Ceremonies for this historic occasion. He shared that this day was most meaningful for God as it signified that God could now enter an era of liberation and Sabbath due to the victorious course of True Parents who have secured the blessing and lineage for all humanity and will bring peace on earth through the development of the “Peace UN.”

The procession began with representatives of 12 key nations entering with their national flags. The Regional Presidents and the Peace King Representatives from each country came forward in this procession. Dr. Chung Hwan Kwak, Co-Chairman of the Universal Peace Federation gave the “Report to Heaven,” or Ko Chun Moon. This was followed by the procession of the crowns of peace from 12 major tribes of Korea, led by the Moon clan. Then religious leaders from 8 major faiths came forward bearing gifts representative of their traditions and signifying that all religions are coming into harmonious unity through the one God who is creator of all humankind. This ceremony had the profound significance of honoring God as the vertical King of Kings; since True Parents are now established as the horizontal Peace King and as the spiritual leader and True Parents of all faiths, races and peoples -- God is liberated and can take rest. True Parents are now calling on all of us to become True Families and “Peace Kings” of our families, communities and nations. This ceremony also becomes the foundation upon which a global movement for peace based on the “Peace UN” can now be proclaimed.

As the ceremony progressed, members of the True Family assembled, with each of the men in tuxedos and the women with white gowns and the tiaras of princesses. True Family was represented by the sons, daughters, and sons and daughters in law as well as grandchildren of True Parents. Then True Parents’ procession began. Father and Mother entered in resplendent traditional royal attire and beautifully adorned silver crowns. Their robes were identical with very bright red, gold and green patterns, with elegant blue and gold trim. Their entrance was glorious and most meaningful. As they came before the stage True Parents bowed and gave all gratitude, honor and glory to God as the King of Kings. This was a most prayerful and quiet moment in which True Parents shed tears of gratitude for God and His infinite love and victorious providence in history.

Following directly behind them in this procession were the Rev. Hyung Jin Moon and his wife Yeon Ah Nim, garbed in blue robes with silver crowns (these were the robes given to them by True Parents that were used by Father and Mother Moon in an earlier ceremony.) True Parents took their seats at the dais on each side of the two white thrones which represented the masculinity and femininity of God the Creator. (These were the thrones used in the Coronation Ceremony for the Kingship of God on January 13, 2001.) Rev. and Mrs. Hyung Jin Moon, in traditional custom of Korean culture, offered their bows to honor God with the utmost humility and sincerity, and to express total filial piety and oneness in heart toward True Parents.

True Parents then began the ceremony to confer the Pyung Hwa Shin Gyeong (Peace Messages) and God’s blessing to Rev. and Mrs. Hyung Jin Moon as the representatives of all people. The Peace Messages, which represent the “Word of God”, were beautifully wrapped in a light cloth material. Together, Father and Mother carefully presented the Pyung Hwa Shin Gyeong to Rev. and Mrs. Hyung Jin Moon who held this precious gift as True Parents placed their hands on the book of Peace Messages and prayed, “I confer upon you, as the representatives of all humankind, the blessing of heaven.” This was a most auspicious moment of the ceremony, as it signified True Parents’ blessing and anointing of Hyung Jin Nim as the spiritual leader of our movement worldwide directly under True Parents. This anointing has profound significance and it can be seen that True Parents gave Rev. Hyung Jin Moon the “Word” and their robes with which to stand as the spiritual leader to bring all faiths and peoples into the true life, true love and true lineage of God based on the blessing of True Parents in this era of Cheon Il Guk.

Special honors for the Peace King and Queen were brought forward by Dr. Sun Jo Hwang and Rev. Shin Cheol Moon. The three Peace King Representatives, Dr. Min Ha Kim (representing Rev. Kwak) for Korea, Rev. Oyamada for Japan and Dr. Dong Moon Joo for America offered a large beautiful pearl inlaid plaque of recognition for True Parents as the King and Queen of Peace on behalf of the three primary nations and all the nations of the world.

Congratulatory addresses were given, first by Rev. Chul Seung Lee, the President of the United Nations Peace Forces of the Korea War Memorial Federation. Dr. Lee highlighted the fact that Father and Mother Moon were miraculously protected by God during the helicopter incident because they are so central to the path for family and peace in all of world history. Sir James Mancham, the founding president of the Republic of Seychelles, shared that the Universal Peace Federation founded by True Parents is now leading the way toward peace on earth, so that the world can now fulfill the dream of “one family under God”.

Mrs. Mi Ran Kim offered a beautiful congratulatory performance of Amazing Grace and a Korean song. The rich atmosphere was filled with the Holy Spirit.

True Father then gave a special address outlining the new age we have entered. He explained that God has always been the King of Kings, but had to substantiate it through representatives on earth. This was accomplished through the establishment of True Parents and True Family and the expansion of the blessing to all faiths and peoples. Father articulated the fundamental points or guidelines for us to become citizens of heaven:

First, we have now moved out of the era of restoration into a time in which God’s authority will be supreme.

Second, we must educate all people concerning fidelity and absolute sexual ethics as the only sure way to pass on goodness.

Third, the “Peace King Representatives” who have been appointed as the representatives for Cheon Il Guk to every nation and the “Peace UN” will lead the way to ending war, disease, hunger and all other problems confronting the world.

Fourth, the cross-cultural international Blessing is the way to establish true families.

Fifth, we must love and care for the environment of God’s creation as a sacred gift to us all.

Father’s address concluded with the conferral of the Peace Messages to the 12 representatives of the continents / regions of the world. Three cheers of Og Mansei were offered by Rev. Dow Soon Yim, Chairman of FFWPU Japan. 

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