The Words of the Jenkins Family after 2008

Greetings From The Fatherland

Michael Jenkins
March 1, 2009

Dear Family,

We are spending time with True Parents and True Family at the Pine Ridge Resort on the eastern shores of the Fatherland. When we arrived it was so beautiful to see the sons and daughters of our True Parents sitting in the front row as we received Father's guidance on the first evening. Rev. Hyung Jin Moon, Dr. Hyun Jin Moon, Mr. Kook Jin Moon and Rev. In Jin Moon were in attendance as well as some of the spouses. It is a most glorious time in God's providence and a yet a most solemn and serious time in which our Absolute Faith, Absolute Love and Absolute Obedience to God centering on True Parents is so central to our path to 2013. We must embrace our True Parents and all of True Family with filial piety and True love.

This morning, March 1st we are in a huge conference center at the resort. The 430 couples have been invited for this special pledge and HDH on March 1st as we "march forward" with True Love.

Father and Mother are so loving and happy this morning with all of these blessed families of our early couples. Today Father emphasized that the key to our path now is the central importance of Absolute Sexual Ethics. Based on this, the lineage of heaven can multiply from generation to generation and never be lost.

Also Father is emphasizing the new book, "True Family: The Gateway to Heaven" as a key expression of God's "Word" and "Love" to secure the path of the Blessed Central Family which will also secure the path of the Individual, Family, Clan/Tribe, Society, Nation, World, Cosmos and God.

Father asked Dr. Yang to lead us in singing Holo Arirang which is truly the heartfelt theme song of True Parent's Course and Cheon Il Guk. It is a great song of the Fatherland.

The song reflects on an island that stands alone in the rough sea and through the dark storms it is lashed and beaten and yet it endures forever until the beautiful weather appears. The island represents True Parents and their course to save and heal humanity with long-suffering patience and love. The heart of the Fatherland moves when you sing this song and you call out for the mountains of the Fatherland, Kum Gan San, Seorak San, Pekto San and Halra San in Cheju Island. It stirs our hearts as the citizens of Cheon Il Guk to sing with True Parents about the Fatherland.

Father asked Won Ju McDevitt to sing two songs. She sings with such profound, heart love and depth. She and her husband Mike have been directly attending True Parents for many years with total sacrifice. Her spirit and voice brings comfort to Father's and Mother's heart as they have suffered so deeply to bring humanity into unity. Father was comforted and then he stood up. He is strong and his words and precise clarity and memory is so astonishing. Father smiled. True Parents are victorious and more confident than ever.

We concluded with three cheers of Ok Mansei led by Dr. Chang Shik Yang.

Let us bring the greatest joy ever to God at this time in the 9th year of Cheon Il Guk.



(Note: Below is the song Holo Arirang)

Holro Arirang

I. Cho-molri donghaepada hweru-unsom
U-nuldo gosaeng param buro-o-get chi
Chu-gu man olgurro param ma-suni
Dokduy an-bame chal chatnunya

Chorus Arirang, Arirang holro arirang
Arirang kogerul nomoga boja
Gadaga himnulmyon shiyoga dorado
Sonchapgo gaboja kapshi gaboja.

II. Kum-gan sam malgummul-un tonghero-hurogo
Sorak san malgun muldo tonghega-nunde
Urie-ne marumdurun odiru-kanun-ga
Onjechum urinun hanago twelka


III. Pekto san domangang-eso pettago do-nara
Halrasan cheju-eso pettago kanda
Kadago hollo sam eh tattul ne-rigo
Dorunun atsumherul matchi heboja


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