The Words of the Jenkins Family after 2008

Its a girl! Congratulations to John and Masami Guagliardo of Hawaii

Michael Jenkins
March 12, 2009

Dear Family,

One of our fine blessed couples of Hawaii, John and Masami Guagliardo just had a baby girl! Her name is Aiwa Kailani Guagliardo. She was born on January 24th and had her 8 day ceremony on True Parents 90th Birthday. Masami helps at Hawaii King Garden. They are a wonderful blessed couple.

This is a blessing for Hawaii!! Congratulations!!!

Below is a letter from Masami san.


Rev. Michael Jenkins

Message from Masami Guagliardo

Dear Rev.Jenkins,

I'm Masami Guagliardo who was working at King garden. Thank you so much for your dedication as our leader all the time.

John and I would like to introduce our baby girl who was given by God. She was born on Jan. 24th, 11:40am. Her name is Aiwa Kailani Guagliardo, 7oz 5lb.

Aiwa is Japanese Name. means Love, Harmony, Peace. Kailani is Hawaiian Name. Kaiâ means Water/Ocean, and Heaven.

John and I hope that we can show you Aiwa soon. Thank you so much for all of your love, concern!


John and Masami Guagliardo 

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