The Words of the Jenkins Family after 2008

In Memory of Mr. Hyo Jin Moon - Son of Filial Piety to God and our True Parents

Michael Jenkins
March 17, 2009

Dear Family,

One year ago today on March 17, 2008, Mr. Hyo Jin Moon, the eldest son of True Parents and beloved Elder Brother to us all, made the transition to the heavenly realm.

Hyo Jin overcame immense challenges and victoriously went on to the spirit world on the foundation of having created a most beautiful Blessed Central Family. True Parents Blessed Hyo Jin Nim and his wife Yeon Ah Nim -- a person of immense heart, quality and character, and they established a family of beauty and love with their children -- True Grandchildren of our True Parents.

As a True Son of True Parents and on the foundation of his victorious life of faith in God, Love for True Parents and Love for Brothers and Sisters he could go to the spirit world as the first child of True Parents who had experienced blessed family life on earth. Father has placed him in the central role in the spirit world to bring unity and support for True Parents and God's dispensation with the support of Dae Mo Nim and Heung Jin Nim.

His great desire to reach the youth led Hyo Jin Nim to establish a beautiful foundation to bring True Parents love and expression of heart through music and art. Today his sister, Rev. In Jin Moon, President of FFWPU in America, is carrying on that covenant and commitment to God to reach young people through the Ministry combined with the best in music to honor God and also the very successful Manhattan Center for the Performing Arts (which Hyo Jin Nim established) bringing the powerful medium of music, arts and culture together with the core values of family ethics, morality, discipline and sacrifice to be the best in a concerted effort to give the best possible influence to the youth and all people of the world.

For those of us who new him personally and came close to him, we share a common feeling of Hyo Jin Nim's love and filial piety that he expressed for True Father and True Mother. Also he shared with us an immense compassion for all his own siblings and the larger family of brothers and sisters consisting of the members of our movement -- a heart of empathy for the suffering of our people. He also conveyed profound love and heart for all the people of the world from every race, religion and culture. All were considered his "family".

True Father commemorated forever Hyo Jin Nim's victorious Blessed Family life in the historic calligraphy given for Hyo Jin Nim's Seung Hwa. "He will open and liberate the deepest heaven and turn it into a flower garden as the lord who opens the gates of loyalty and filial piety." - Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

We love you Hyo Jin Nim, Yeon Ah Nim and family and we pledge to support True Parents and all of True Family guided and inspired by your heart as the Elder Son to bring us all together.

With Love and Profound Gratitude for Hyo Jin Nim,

Rev. Michael Jenkins and the American Blessed Central Families 

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