The Words of the Jenkins Family after 2008

Reflections on our Current Course and the Turning Point That Occurred in Brazil

Michael Jenkins
July 1, 2010

Michael Jenkins in Brazil

Our church and movement is in deep anguish and suffering due to the current challenges we face in bringing unity. No one is suffering more than True Parents. The situation that occurred in Brazil on May 30th and 31st of this year brought sadness to all of us. True Parents are longing for Hyun Jin Nim to return home. True Parents' love is absolute and unchanging, and the door will never, ever be closed for Hyun Jin Nim's return. All of us who believe in True Parents should rise above whatever differences we might have to unite together centering on their direction and desire.

Hyun Jin Nim speaking at San Paulo, Brazil church May 30, 2010

I am deeply moved and inspired by True Parents' sons and daughters. Their strong character and depth of commitment to whatever God calls them to do are a testimony to True Parents. Behind the scenes, God and True Parents have been guiding them through a most challenging course to become one with True Parents' heart. I have been very fortunate to know many of the True Family personally and work under their leadership. Their gifts are profound, and their destiny can be really understood only in historic and even biblical terms. They are all people of divine appointment and great destiny who can never be understood from a simple, external analysis.

I have had many positive as well as challenging experiences with Hyun Jin Nim, from hunting for deer in Kodiak to global travels and national and international events. I have witnessed his charisma and ability to convey Father's teaching in ways that touched the hearts of many world-level political and religious leaders as well as youth and many of our brothers and sisters. I have also experienced God's love working through him. It is with a heart of love that I write this reflection. I have seen the greatness of True Parents manifested through him. Father raised him for a deep and significant providential role. Father is asking him now to return home and stay by Father's side so that he might fulfill his God-given responsibility. Now more than ever, unity with True Parents is the most important condition to realize Cheon Il Guk, and Father is calling Hyun Jin Nim to trust his request to stay with and attend Father directly.

The center of our faith is God and True Parents. Father has taught us that the essence of God is "Shim Jung" or the irrepressible impulse in heart to give true love. Therefore, through being one with God in heart, True Parents are the embodiment of true love and they always address each and every person and situation with True Love. As Unificationists we affirm that Father and Mother Moon have fulfilled the messianic mission and the Second Coming by establishing the True Parents on earth. Through his direct encounter with Jesus at an early age (detailed in his recent autobiography) Father received the anointing of God to restore the failure of Adam and Eve, who never fulfilled the position as "True Parents" due to the Fall. Jesus came as the second Adam and established the spiritual True Parents' position spiritually; together with the Holy Spirit, he gives grace to all who believe as individuals. Father was called as the third Adam and he has fulfilled and completed this position. Together with True Mother, they achieved perfection of heart and character centered on God and established the position of the True Parents. This secured God's lineage.

Now the grace that Jesus gave to believers as individuals in the New Testament Age is given in this new age of the second coming, through True Parents to couples. Marriages can now be blessed and a man and woman of faith can now be engrafted as one to the true olive tree through the blessing of marriage and can stand as the image of God. (Genesis 1:27). Having completed and fulfilled the role of the third Adam by establishing True Parents, Father has bequeathed the era of the fourth Adam to all Blessed Central Families -- from the True Family to all generations of blessed families. An era has dawned in which we are all to fulfill God's original desire for Adam and Eve in becoming true parents ourselves for our own families.

Father had to overcome impossible trials, tribulations, and life-and-death challenges. He had to love every enemy without condition, even loving his enemies' children more than his own, to complete eight stages of love vertically and horizontally. Only God knows the details of his suffering course. For True Mother to stand with Father, she had to endure and overcome immense and unspeakable internal and external suffering, never leaving Father's side. Through this course, True Parents have completed and secured God's lineage and have extended this foundation to all humanity. The fulfillment of true love was realized through absolute sexual morality (absolute faithfulness and fidelity to each other through love for and obedience to God,) not only protecting the lineage but perfecting the heart of true love.

This is a path that we all are to follow -- to make a faithful family based on fidelity and true love. Just as Jesus perfected true love as an individual and couldn't be separated from God's heart of true love even at the cross, saying, "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do," True Parents can never be separated from God's true love and will never stop loving, embracing, and forgiving. This foundation of true love can never be broken or destroyed; it will only expand through the lineage. Father is absolutely confident that even the current suffering course will be resolved through true love.

True Parents' fulfillment has been affirmed by Jesus and all the saints of heaven as well as by representatives from every race and religion on earth. This victory sets up a special condition or "covering" over each and every one of True Parents' family. All the sons and daughters of True Parents are going through their own courses to become one with God and True Parents. We should pray for all of them. We should pray for Hyun Jin Nim to unite with True Parents.

Only True Parents have the authority to decide whether one of their sons or daughters is fulfilling his or her responsibility before Heaven. I have been present on many occasions when Father has said that the current path of Hyun Jin Nim is not correct because it is denying Father's heart and direction. Out of love for him, they want him to return to the heart of True Parents and make the corrections necessary to fulfill his responsibility and destiny. His destiny cannot be fulfilled in separation from True Parents' direction and heart. He cannot realize "one family under God" through a process that rejects his father's heart and direction to return home and harmonize with his family. It is our responsibility as brothers and sisters to support Father's direction and have faith that he knows the right steps for Hyun Jin Nim and for all of us that are needed to realize Cheon Il Guk by 2013.

Our faith in God and in the living True Parents is most critical at this time; surely our very faith is being tested. To stand as True Parents, Father and Mother had to secure the victory of oneness in heart with God and with each other, which means they can never be separated. As affirmed by Heaven, they are the first to establish a True Family with God's lineage, blessed through three generations, that ultimately will never break down.

This is why our international president, Rev. Hyung Jin Moon, is testifying that there is only one set of original True Parents and that they are the central True Parents forever. There can never be another root of lineage because the True Parents are the first to stand in the realm of the perfected love of God as a couple. Others will eventually enter the realm of perfection of heart and character centered on God, but our True Parents will always be the first. They have secured God's lineage and have the unique authority to pass it on through the Blessing of Marriage.

We should make no mistake: The same Father Moon who set the conditions that hastened the downfall of communism is now setting the conditions to heal the challenges in our Unification family and bring the world to Cheon Il Guk. He is proclaiming that he will lead his immediate family and all our families to healing, unity, and the substantiation of Cheon Il Guk by January 13, 2013. The faster we make up our minds to unite with and believe him, the more quickly the healing will come.

Father has taught that, in this era, only Parentism can solve the problem of conflict -- from the individual and family levels to the worldwide struggle of democracy versus communism. Parentism is the power of vertical love that comes from God through True Parents. It has emerged now for the first time in history because True Parents have fulfilled the realization of God's image of true love with one heart. Only through Parentism can the conflicts between siblings, races, religions, and nations be resolved. (The concept of Brotherism is the restoration paradigm that was in force before True Parents completed their course.)

When Father completed the eight-stage vertical course (following the biblical path of restoring the servant of servant, servant, adopted son, step son, true son, mother, father and becoming one with God) and the eight-stage horizontal course (individual, family, clan, tribe, nation, world, cosmos back to God) on August 31, 1989, in Kodiak, Alaska, he could proclaim Pal Jung Shik, or "completion through the eight stages." The next day, on September 1, 1989, he could celebrate the "Declaration Day of Heavenly Parentism," proclaiming that all horizontal struggles would begin to be resolved. The conditions were set that allow God as the vertical True Parent to work through Father and Mother Moon as the horizontal True Parents to resolve all conflicts.

On Christmas Day, 1991, not long after Father's proclamation of Parentism, the president of the Soviet Union resigned, and subsequently the Soviet Union dissolved. Father, knowing the time and power of Parentism, predicted that communism world fall years before anyone could imagine the possibility. Communism collapsed externally because of the weight of resistance from America and the God-affirming nations of the world. More importantly, however, internally the communist leaders lost the power to continue because of the conditions based on truth and love that were set by True Parents. Those conditions were teaching the truth of God's Word and promoting a perspective on God-denying communism through educational foundations and special seminars for faith leaders, veterans, and elected officials as well as the communication of this perspective in broad terms through the media foundation that True Parents established in Washington, D.C. This helped unite all people of faith with God's perspective, strengthening the will and resolve of America as the second Israel and the God-affirming nations to resist God-denying communism

In addition, True Parents manifested true love when they went to the Soviet Union and to North Korea, risking their lives to embrace the communist leaders as Jacob embraced Esau. The unity of people of faith, especially America as a Christian nation, with God's will, which was being lifted up by True Parents, as well as the love they extended to the communist leaders, invoked the power of God and the spiritual world. The Soviet Union collapsed, and world communism lost power.

In the same way, as we unite with True Parents and the will of Heaven at this time, those who do not support True Parents' path will lose power internally due to the efforts of the spiritual world. Parentism is the central spiritual principle by which all conflicts can be solved. In other words, only by centering on God's parental true love substantiated through True Parents can we fulfill our responsibility and resolve conflict from the family to the world levels. Therefore, our most essential portion of responsibility is to do everything we can to support and trust True Parents. Along with God, the heavenly spiritual world is in full support of those who follow True Parents' heart and direction.

True Parents have been educating and raising up the members of True Family for 40 or more years into positions that can, and I believe will, fulfill God's providential timetable to realize Cheon Il Guk in 2013. In April 2008 Father established Hyung Jin Nim as the international president of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification worldwide, In Jin Nim as the head of our church in America, Kook Jin Nim over the business foundations in Asia, and Hyun Jin Nim over the Universal Peace Federation, the Ambassadors for Peace, and some areas of the Western non profit and business foundations. In January 2009, through the Coronation Ceremony for the Liberation of the Authority of God, Father gave a special anointing to Hyung Jin Nim (who stood together with his wife) as the central representative of True Parents.

In February 2009, Father was in the process of establishing additional special roles for Hyung Jin Nim in Korea, Kook Jin Nim in Japan, and Hyun Jin Nim in America. Father was lifting up Hyun Jin Nim for a special role in America in cooperation with In Jin Nim.

His desire is that Hyung Jin Nim's role as the central spiritual leader would be supported by all and that all of True Family would cooperate and harmonize in complementary roles -- each of immeasurable value.

The True Family was called to expand and further substantiate True Parents' victorious completion of the eight-stage vertical and horizontal courses that would embrace the world and lead to the realization of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Though all members of the True Family are called to fulfill the vertical and horizontal paths, I believe that Hyung Jin Nim's and In Jin Nim's leadership in ministry and the Unification Church, leading to the creation of the Cheong Bok Gung (Heavenly Temple for all Faiths), strengthens our required vertical eight-stage development. This is the path that all generations as individuals and families must walk to fulfill the blessing, be secured in God's lineage, and perfect our hearts in oneness with God. Hyun Jin Nim and Kook Jin Nim have been prepared by God to support the vertical path while expanding the horizontal eight-stage development (from the individual, family, clan, tribe, nation world, cosmos and God) toward Cheon Il Guk. This means that each one of them (along with all the True Family who have not been specifically mentioned here) has an immensely important role to bring God's Kingdom. To realize this they must become one centering on True Parents through Hyung Jin Nim.

This was all in process when Father, at the Pine Ridge Resort in Sok Cho, Korea, on March 8, 2009, asked Hyun Jin Nim to take one year off from all public responsibilities and stay by his side. Father did this personally in front of the five hundred people who had assembled there for Hoon Dok Hae. Why would Father give this direction when so much is at stake for God's providence in these final three years of Cheon Il Guk? At this time, it is necessary to explain some situations that many have not previously known in detail.

Hyun Jin Nim's Attempt To Take Over HSA-UWC USA

In February 2009, after Father called on him to have a special role with America, Hyun Jin Nim demanded that the board of directors of the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity (HSA-UWC) in the United States be convened to make changes in the board's membership. However, word came from Father, as the founder and central spiritual authority of our church, that his desire was that there should be no changes to the board of directors at that time. That direction was confirmed through several channels from Father.

In a meeting with Hyun Jin Nim and a number of representatives of HSA-UWC, at his home in East Garden, I asked the person who was the Continental Director at that time [read then Continental Director Pyung Hwa Kim's memo from that time] if he had received the direction from Father that there should be no changes to the board. He confirmed to all of us there that he had indeed been informed of Father's direction but said that it was best to just support Hyun Jin Nim. A call was made to Korea to Father's assistant by speaker phone. Father's special assistant [Peter Kim] confirmed that Father had asked that there be no changes to the board.

Hyun Jin Nim expressed to several of us gathered there that this was just a twist of Father's direction by misguided leaders. He indicated that though Father may have said something like this, it wasn't what Father really wanted, he was just given the wrong information and therefore the wrong direction came out. After the call, Hyun Jin Nim said he would discuss the changes with Father later and that he had Father's full support. He told us we should just go ahead and make the changes. The continental director at that time agreed with Hyun Jin Nim. Later that day a number of HSA-UWC board members and others had been called to Hyun Jin Nim's home and the issue came up again about Father asking that no changes be made. Again Hyun Jin Nim told us that we should just go forward and he would discuss with Father later.

Later that evening we received word that Father called us to come to Korea immediately. He asked us to postpone any action by the board and come to Korea to meet him directly. He asked Hyun Jin Nim, In Jin Nim, Dr. Christopher Kim, myself, and our spouses to come to Korea to meet with True Parents, Hyung Jin Nim, Kook Jin Nim, Dr. [Chang Shik] Yang, and Mr. Peter Kim at Pine Ridge.

The scheduled board meeting could have easily been canceled and reconvened at another time after we had received Father's direct guidance. Nonetheless, Hyun Jin Nim demanded that the board meeting go forward and that the changes he requested be made. (Some have reasoned that the changes would amount to a simple restoration of an earlier board. However, the official notice for the meeting called for voting individuals onto the board who would be new to the board. This was not a restoration.) Unfortunately the board meeting went forward.

Because some board members were in Korea, we held the board meeting by international conference call. The meeting was called to order. In Jin Nim as Chairman of the HSA-UWC board of directors opened the meeting. She then made a motion based on Father's direction not to make any changes to the board: She moved to terminate the meeting pending clarification from True Parents (with whom we would be meeting 10 hours later.) Her motion was seconded. The board voted 6–5 to close the meeting, thus preventing any changes from being made.

When we arrived at Pine Ridge Resort in Korea, Father was very serious about the five board members who voted to allow the meeting to continue and to consider Hyun Jin Nim's proposed changes. He was also deeply concerned about Hyun Jin Nim's involvement with this situation. It was very clear when we sat before Father after we arrived that the direction "not to make any changes" was in fact his very own direction as our founder and spiritual leader. The direction that Father took from that point was not based on reports or others' analysis. Father was focused on the direction he gave concerning the board and what to do about those who didn't follow.

He immediately requested that all the board members that voted to continue the meeting, (which would allow for changes to be made) be notified that they should resign. They were notified and those board members resigned. Father has forgiven them because they came forward and united with him by resigning. Father then asked all the board members, the current ones and those who resigned, to come to Pine Ridge to go to the Original Divine Principle lectures.

Beginning on March 1st, Father offered special prayers for one week concerning what further steps should be taken. Hoon Mo Nim was asked to pray and check the situation internally. On March 8th at the Sunday morning Hoon Dok Hae at Pine Ridge (where the seven-day Original Divine Principle workshop had just concluded) True Family, including Hyun Jin Nim, elders of the church, and five hundred members gathered to hear Father's message.

Father's talk there is well documented on video. At that time Father reiterated that Rev. Hyung Jin Moon is the central representative to all of True Family and all our movement on behalf of True Parents. He shared that directions would come to our world movement from True Parents through Rev. Hyung Jin Moon and that all True Family, together with elders of the church leadership (Continental Directors and others), should make a consensus on how to fulfill True Parents' directions. That consensus should then be reported back to Hyung Jin Nim, who should bring it to True Father through True Mother. (Mother-son cooperation is a fundamental principle of Parentism.)

Father then asked Hyun Jin Nim to stop all public activities for one year and to stay by his side during that time. He said this out of love. He asked Rev. Jin Man Kwak to resign from all public missions, separate from Hyun Jin Nim, and to work in his assigned country of Mongolia.

However, this one-year course still remains unfulfilled to this day. Because of this, Father has not given his approval for Hyun Jin Nim to do any public activities, including speaking at our churches, other movement gatherings, or Global Peace Festivals. (Later in Las Vegas Father asked that Global Peace Festivals be suspended and that if they are continued, our blessed families shouldn't support them because they do not have his blessing at this time. The programs in and of themselves could possibly be very supportive for the dispensation, but only if True Parents see them as part of the steps to Cheon Il Guk -- however since they are not fostering unity with True Parents heart and direction -- they do not have Father's blessing.)

From this point of view, we can better understand what happened in Brazil on May 30–31, 2010. The continental leader, Reverend [Dong Mo] Shin, and the national leader, Reverend Ferrabolli, were acting correctly according to Father's standing direction that there should be no public role for Hyun Jin Nim at this time and that he should stay by True Father's side. We are grateful to them for their faith and that they "turned the other cheek" when they were physically struck. An international memo was sent to the Brazil Headquarters reaffirming that there should be no public role for Hyun Jin Nim at the church at this time. No one is happy about what happened in Brazil. The forcible takeover of the pulpit and the anger and physical violence that erupted in Hoon Dok Hae the next day were deeply distressing to True Parents as well as our world movement. However, Father has said this has become a turning point.

Some leaders who work with Hyun Jin Nim had caused confusion by claiming that Hyun Jin Nim was doing this work with Father's blessing and on his behalf. Actually, Father's direction is clear. There should be no public role for Hyun Jin Nim at this time. He should come home to True Parents and stay by Father's side. Father's heart and direction to him are that he relinquish control of all businesses and organizations which he currently heads, after reconstituting the boards according to Father's specific request. Through Hyun Jin Nim's establishing his trust in True Parents, we have every hope that he will be once again lifted up to his divinely appointed providential role if and when he receives Father's approval.

In Jin Nim's visit to Brazil on June 5 -- 8 was a very important mission that had True Parents' blessing and approval. Father chose her to go at this time to represent True Parents. As Reverend Joshua Cotter and Mr. Jim Gavin reported through direct testimony, the church community in Brazil, both leaders and members, was deeply traumatized by events during Hyun Jin Nim's visit the week before. Archbishop Stallings and I saw with our own eyes that the Brazil family was deeply hurt over the violent treatment of the Continental Director appointed by Father and of the President of our Church. There was a great deal of confusion because former heads of our church, who had joined Hyun Jin Nim, were saying that he was working on Father's behalf.

National leaders of our movement in several South American countries reported to me directly that they were under pressure from the followers of Hyun Jin Nim to choose between True Parents or Hyun Jin Nim. One national leader of our church reported at the South American church leaders' meeting on June 7 that Hyun Jin Nim and some of his followers were telling them that Father is senile and that Hyun Jin Nim is the only one carrying True Parents' providence and legacy. (I had personally heard similar things from Hyun Jin Nim last year, when he spoke to a number of us about changing the HSA-UWC Board, to justify why he believed had to take charge. I directly heard him say that True Mother and his brothers are controlling Father's direction and that he had support from Father to do what is needed in America, even making the changes to the board. I found this not to be the case.)

However, as a Westerner who has had the blessing of attending True Parents for many years and perhaps as much as any other person from the West in the last one year, I can testify that Father's mind is absolutely strong and clear regarding details of the current providence as well as the past. I am totally confident in Father's current good health, strength, and immense vitality. As always, no one can keep up with him, no matter how young they are. His spiritual wisdom is absolutely and precisely resonating with God's heart. How precious it is to receive his wisdom and guidance concerning the precise steps required by Heaven for 2010, 2011 and 2012. Only he knows the steps that are required. Without his direct and current guidance we will not correctly fulfill the path to Cheon Il Guk. Certainly that is why God continues to preserve his health and protect his life. Together with Mother, he will lead us to secure Cheon Il Guk by 2013. As always, Father is controlled only by God's heart and desire.

In Brazil, In Jin Nim represented True Parents with dignity, love, and clarity in every event and occasion during her three-day visit. Through hearing her clarification of Father's desire and by seeing the video of Father writing the June 5th proclamation, the two former presidents of our church in Brazil who supported the takeover of the church service by force a week earlier could sign letters of repentance. They confessed that they didn't really understand True Parents' heart and direction concerning Hyun Jin Nim and that True Parents do not want him to have any public role at this time. Reverend Baldini shared sincerely before all that he only wants to follow True Parents. The following day, Reverend Cipriani also signed the letter of apology.

In Jin Nim conveyed to us all that we must forgive, love, and embrace these brothers as well as all who didn't understand. She emphasized Father's anointing of Rev. Hyung Jin Moon as the central representative of True Parents. Anyone following another line of authority other than the one Father has now established from True Parents through Hyung Jin Nim is moving against Father's desire and direction. She shared that the only revolution True Parents bring is the revolution of love. She then repented on behalf of all of True Family for the suffering the members have gone through over these struggles. She encouraged us to trust that True Parents will lead us through this challenge. This really touched our brothers and sisters there deeply. There was much weeping.

Father is calling on all of us to overcome this trial by placing our faith in God and uniting with True Parents in heart and action. Rev. Hyung Jin Moon recently shared that, "True Parents give us True Love, True Life and True Lineage, and we must return to God and True Parents Absolute Faith, Absolute Love, and Absolute Obedience. The only unchanging "rock" that we have centering on God is True Parents. There is only one Second Coming, only one messiah at the Second Coming, only one True Parents. No one else can ever take this position and role." He went on to say that none of us have achieved perfection of heart and therefore we still sin and miss the mark. We need to be humble and repent before God concerning our mistakes and the state of this world. If we understand that we have sin we can truly understand that we need a savior. We need True Parents and we need to walk the path of God with true love. We cannot succeed on this providential path without them. All generations must go together with True Parents. Only True Parents can fulfill the role of bringing the world to Cheon Il Guk.

The June 5th proclamation signed by True Father creates an historic turning point in God's providence. Based on immense prayers, conditions of sacrifice and devotion to God, Father is proclaiming that God is the only King and that True Parents are the only central True Parents. The central line for True Parents direction and authority is clearly established through Rev. Hyung Jin Moon. Due to this historic proclamation, from now if someone claims they have another line of direction or authority from True Parents other than this one, they will be standing in the position in history that is false and destructive.

In this historic three year course of 2010 -- 2012 leading to January 13, 2013 Father guided us that we would witness the greatest tribulation in history. We couldn't imagine that the first step of that tribulation would come in our own hearts. As we trust in and affirm God and True Parents in this era and their anointed representative Rev. Hyung Jin Moon we should express love for all with a longing for our family to come back together. We should repent for our shortcomings and forgive all people who want to follow Father's heart but perhaps misunderstood what Father wanted; then healing will come and I believe True Parents will bring a profound revolution of love and healing to all humanity.

Father and Mother absolutely love Hyun Jin Nim and long for him to come home. True Family is longing for him to return. All of us are praying and longing for the return of Hyun Jin Nim and all of our brothers and sisters who may not understand. We pray for them to come home. The door is open. 

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