The Words of the Jenkins Family after 2008

True Parents at East Garden - Message for Brothers and Sisters

Michael Jenkins
July 13, 2010

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

True Parents arrived in East Garden with a wonderful welcome from the American family. Father and Mother had lunch with 70 leaders assembled. Dr. Yang gave a report on the last few months concerning the providential events that have occurred centering on True Parents. Father, as always is sharing that this is the most crucial time for filial piety and trust in True Parents. Father is guiding us that we will be tested in this last three years to maintain Absolute Faith, Absolute Love and Absolute Obedience centering on God and True Parents.

One of the ways that True Parents are addressing the challenges of this world centers on the most fundamental teaching that Jesus gave us. We must worship the Lord with Love and Truth. Therefore True Parents are lifting up devotion to God by spending prayerful focus on reading and listening to God's Word. Through that foundation Heaven is moved to support our efforts to reach out to all faiths and peoples and bring them into unity and love.

Father emphasized the importance of the upcoming event that is an extension of the event at the Cheong Jeong Gung that was held in Korea on July 8th. This event will be based in America, it is centered on faith leaders but will be an event representing the whole world.

In this special three year course to January 13, 2013 we are walking a path that represents the walks of the chosen people through the Old and New Testaments. Father emphasized that we must have a providential mind that is absolute and only by belief and practice in the word combined with attendance to True Parents will allow us to grow our hearts to be the dwelling place of God.

Let us come each morning and receive profound guidance for America.


Rev. Michael Jenkins 

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