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Rev. In Jin Moon Inspires Women in Ministry: Rev. Jane Wells Gives Stirring Testimony of Facing and Overcoming Death

Reiko Jenkins and Pamela Stein
July 20 2010

ACLC Women In Ministry held its second Fellowship Tea on June 26th gathering at the United Federation of Churches facility in Washington, D.C. as part of their series of outreach to local women clergy. Co-Pastors Rev. Lenny and Jane Wells of Amazing Love Fellowship International Church were our special guests and Keynote Speakers. They have given so much heart and support for ACLC and Women In Ministry over the past several months. After Rev. Lenny Wells' opening prayer, we watched the Women In Ministry's video from the 2007 Norfolk Conference and it reminded us again of the beautiful work of Holy Spirit at Norfolk conference.

In preparation for the speaker, MC Minister Wanji Rowe asks Mrs. Pamela Stein to read the scripture, Acts 3:1-10.

Then Rev. Lenny Wells introduced his beloved wife Rev. Jane Wells as the Keynote Speaker. He spoke with much love and pride as he described her survival after her serious car accident. She could have been killed or lived the rest of her life with much pain. But a miracle happened.

Rev. Jane Wells' speech was very moving. Before her accident, she wasn't sure she believed in healing miracles. When she saw supposed healings by the Holy Spirit during televangelism programs she couldn't be sure that the people were not just actors. It wasn't until she experienced first-hand the work of Holy Spirit as she passed through a life-and-death experience and in just a short period of time was completely healed of her crippling condition that she could be sure.

Recently, Rev. Wells had visited Capitol Hill with Rev. In Jin Moon for human rights. It was on Capitol Hill that Rev. In Jin Moon encouraged Rev. Tanya Edwards, the ACLC WIM coordinator, for ACLC WIM to work together with WFWP and other organizations to encourage women. Rev. Wells came to the first tea on human rights. Then, her life and death encounter and God's saving her became the basis for the next Women In Ministry Conference.

Because of her husband's international ministry, people from around the world prayed for her for 24 hours during a three-day period right after her accident. She was in a coma and it was a miracle that she woke up. The doctor said that she must be brain damaged and would never be the same again. But she was absolutely determined that her brain was fine. She was right, and this was the second miracle. Then she had to go through therapy to walk again. While using a walker, progressing very slowly and painfully, she had a chance to attend a healing conference. At this conference she was touched by the fire of the Holy Spirit, and within minutes she was completely healed and able to walk again on her own! This was another miracle. She truly testified the power of healing through Holy Spirit.

The participants at the Fellowship Tea were inspired and empowered by her amazing testimony. We see that she has much more power after the accident and through the healing experiences. We are so grateful for Rev. Wells' courage to speak of her healing with such love and passion. We were all touched by her beauty and joy and celebrated with her the miracle of God and the healing power of prayer. Rev. Wells has started a ministry to free women of their internal brokenness and invite women to let God live in them.

After the sermon we received the Blessing toast of marriage and family with Pastor and Mrs. Ron Brown, who prayed to bless us all. As a call to action Minister Reiko Jenkins addressed the importance of working to help one another and announced the intention of WIM to work closely with Women's Federation for World Peace. She introduced Rev. Angelika Selle, President of WFWP-USA,who came up to speak and introduce the leaders of WFWP in the audience. Her beautiful remarks gave us a sense of unity and vision. We felt so much love and a warm feeling of Holy Spirit, and held hands in a healing circle at the end of the program.

Our next Fellowship Tea will be August 28th, and the keynote speaker is scheduled to be a woman leader from the Nation of Islam.

We are again grateful for the support for ACLC leadership to make these events happen and to continue.

Report by Min Reiko Jenkins and Mrs. Pamela Stein 

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