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172 Clergy Take an Historic Step for God's Kingdom

Michael Jenkins
September 18, 2011

Dear ACLC Pastors and Friends,

A beautiful and most historic step in God's providence is unfolding before our eyes in Korea, as 172 Clergy have come from all over America, representing the unity of all denominations and the embrace of all faiths. On the foundation of Jesus' victorious resurrection and promised return, a transformation is occurring in the Clergy, not only Christians but all faiths. There is a deep sense that the prophesied last days are clearly upon us and that this is the hour for God's promise to be fulfilled. The title of the mission is "Registration for God's Kingdom and the Fatherland -- 172 Faith Leaders Stand With True Parents for True Love, Family and Peace."

The Clergy that have come to Korea are men and women of deep faith who over time have come to understand and trust the anointing that is on True Parents to bring the Kingdom of God on earth. Some of the Clergy here have been educated by Father Moon for 26 years but there are also Clergy that got involved with ACLC only weeks ago. Somehow, God knows who is prepared. All in all, the Clergy "Trust in the Lord."

The direction for this mission was given in Las Vegas on August 16th when Archbishop Ki Hoon Kim (who has been guiding ACLC and the religious leaders) was reporting to Father Moon. Father Moon said that "43 Clergy from the north, south, east and west, a total of 172, should come to Korea for 15 days to register for God's Kingdom and proclaim the Fatherland!"

Forty-three is a significant number in the Bible, as in Exodus 12:40, "Now the sojourning of the children of Israel, who dwelt in Egypt, was 430 years." Forty-three represents the liberation course from the bondage of the past and the liberation of the chosen people. It represents liberation from bondage to denominational, racial, ethnic, religious and national barriers. God's Kingdom has no barriers or boundaries because it's a Kingdom based on True Love. The 43 also represents the 4300-year history of Korea, which is the final vortex of confrontation between the God-denying communist world and the God-affirming free world.

In preparation for this journey our Presiding Prelate Rev. In Jin Moon and Continental Director Dr. Chang Shik Yang guided America strongly to be united as one to respond to Father Moon's call. Our ACLC Co-Chairs and Executive Directors joined with the District Pastors to bring the very best Clergy on such short notice. In preparing, they were continuously guided by ACLC Co-Presidents Archbishop Stallings and Bishop Edwards, who said, "Pastors, you are not guests; this is not a conference or convention; this is a mission. We will not be staying in hotels but rather we will go wherever God calls us and we will minister to the beloved people of Korea."

It is clear why the religious leaders were asked to come: this is a journey of faith. From the time we arrived there has been no written schedule. We know that Father Moon will guide us to bring love and spiritual blessing to Korea based on the blood, sweat and tears that True Parents sowed over the last 40 years in the Second Israel representing Christianity. These Clergy are here to demonstrate that they have been brought into oneness on the foundation of God's Word. In the past they have experienced being persecuted and have overcome trials and tribulations in order to stand with Father Moon, with the vision to bless marriages and end divorce, to bring unity beyond race and faith, and to bring peace through True Love.

After arriving in Korea we assembled at Cheon-ae International Youth and Conference Center at Chung Pyung Lake for our opening banquet at 9:00 p.m. Most of the Clergy landed in Korea at 5 pm and had to go right into the banquet after the long drive from the airport. Originally it was to be a very "light" program, but that evening I was reminded of the scripture in Isaiah 55:8, "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, sayeth the LORD." Our thoughts were that we would have a "light" program; however, God had another idea.

Even though Father Moon knew the Clergy had just arrived after a long journey, with a heart of love our True Parents and International President Rev. Hyung Jin Moon came to greet them. It was a very deep experience for the Clergy. Father Moon guided them deeply about the course they were undertaking, saying that they represent the fruit of God's religious providence in America. Then he read all the way through the lengthy address he has given on his recent tours.

He was very serious, saying that the conditions of faith in God set by the religious leaders at this time will determine the course of world events. If they are faithful at this time, nuclear weapons will not be used at the end time but can be done away with once and for all. With faith, the world will be blessed, divorce will dissolve and the family of God will become one.

The Clergy rose to the occasion because they know True Parents. They also know that if Father Moon is speaking, it's best to just "Let go and let God!" They did, and Father Moon expressed enormous joy. As he was leaving in the car he said, "They are my family -- they understand and are ready!"

With Jesus' Love,

Rev. Michael Jenkins 

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