The Words of the Jenkins Family after 2008

National Broadcast of OSDP -- April 21, 2012

Michael Jenkins
April 4, 2012

Dear ACLC Co Chairs, Clergy, Executive Directors coordinators and Unification Church family,

As you know we have been asked by Father and Mother Moon to bring 10,000 additional faith leaders to the Kingdom Registration / OSDP program in this year of 2012. That will achieve a total of 13,000 that have been educated when added to our 3,000 from last year. We are going forward with Local Seminars and many pastors are becoming lecturers. We know that there are many challenges to bringing the clergy to the local events. However through our collective efforts and small seminars going on in every district already 1200 or more have attended our programs. Please be confident that every "Word" that goes out from the teaching of the Biblical Principles through the new wine of the OSDP will stir the heart of God and move heaven and earth. We are also thinking about creative ways that we can make the goal of 10,000.

We learned through the Webinars that it is totally possible for many to gather nationally through utilizing the internet. About 52 per week are coming on line for the Tuesday night webinar. Also we know if we offer the very best in quality presentations by our Pastors and faith leaders then it will help us attract the clergy. In addition if we are all working together for goals at the same time -- it can make a huge difference in our collective power. Therefore we are planning to have a national OSDP broadcast in which every state will assemble all the clergy, faith leaders, youth and all who can come together for a One Day OSDP all on the same day.

We have scheduled April 21st to be the first national OSDP workshop broadcast.

Rev. In Jin Moon is totally supporting our use of the broadcast system of the Lovin Life Ministry to connect with all major locations and at least one per state in which the clergy can assemble for a one day condensed OSDP.

This way we could possibly educate 2000 clergy in one day. This was the vision that Father had. If we do this well it could become a major educational power to bring God's word to the clergy and help us build the Kingdom.

Please pray about this and start thinking about how you would best assemble the clergy, AFC, College youth, and Women's Federation contacts for our nationally broadcast one day programs beginning on April 21st.


Rev. Michael Jenkins 

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