The Words of the Jenkins Family

A witnessing testimony

Michael Jenkins
June 21, 2002

From a member who has been witnessing to ministers:

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

With two weeks to go before July 3, I am involved again with the campaign. I have never shared my experience of the last campaign with the community, and I would like to do so at this time, since once again I am experiencing God as I return. I have been feeling that we need to witness to one another and refresh our faith.

It strikes me that there are two different worlds out here. In one world, I have been spiritually asleep and unaware of being so. In the other world, the one I entered during the last campaign and enter again today to work for July 3rd, I am spiritually alive and growing.

My experience during the last campaign was that my life of faith was renewed. Each day was a challenge of learning and growing with God, crying and stretching spiritually. I had forgotten how this feels. I felt like I was young and on MFT again. After the April 27th blessing, I went back to work at The Washington Times, and slowly, day by day and week by week, I became disconnected again from the ministers.

Today as I returned to work with the ministers, I felt the fresh inner peace and joy again that I can only describe as breathing with God. What happened in between April 27th and today? There is a comfort in being stuck in the familiar. If I had gotten a letter like this, I cannot say I would have been inspired to do something about it. Still, I am hoping that my letter will inspire you.

Working with the ministers helps the Providence, but even more it helped me, and if you are not doing it yet, I know it can help you. I think the reason I have trouble going out on my own to visit churches is that it is such indemnity. Not that it is difficult, but it is blazing a new path in my life, so it takes extra energy. The other components in my life seem to always come easily and first. Along with that, visiting churches is not familiar or comfortable; so all in all, it is indemnity to do it.

Today, Rev. Jenkins introduced me at a meeting where a lot of Japanese sisters were in attendance. He tried to say that there are a lot of members like me out there in the community, really good members who have sacrificed a lot. I did not understand at the time why he was introducing me in that way. I heard afterward that it was because the Japanese missionaries do not see many western members visiting ministers. They feel alone.

The Japanese missionaries really moved my heart during the previous campaign. They are making excruciating sacrifices to come to America and work, and they just keep going and going and giving and giving - and they get results. Being around them and observing them, I began to understand True Mother's heart and course from a child's point of view. A child's point of view, because I watched in awe as they offered a sacrifice I felt I could not do.

I want to inspire each of you to go out to visit one of our warm churches for July 3rd. We are living in a new time since the 40-year Wilderness Course ended, and there is a New Providence taking place. We cannot understand it unless we become a part of it. This is not the same movement we have been part of up to now. Each of us needs to join the movement again and revive our faith. Please do get left behind. God will bless you and your family. We have more warm churches whose ministers came to the last Blessing than we can visit before July 3rd. Please say yes when we call you on the phone to get a warm church to visit.

Sincerely, In True Parents' Love 

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