The Words of the Jenkins Family

Our Washington community is bringing success for tomorrow's rally

Michael Jenkins
July 26, 2002

Dear Families,

Our whole Washington DC community is working intensely to bring a great success for Heaven for tomorrow nights rally. Every family has been asked to come and there has been an enormous response. the 300 rooms at the Sheraton are taken by 300 Blessed Central Families, an estimated 1200 will be at the hotel!!

True Mother called Dr. Yang today and told him to make sure the MCI center is full. Our National ACLC Executive committee from Norfolk signed up 500 guests from one service site in three days with Mrs. Daugherty and Rev. Daugherty's daughter Lena.

The Clouds of Witnesses is making a huge storm among the pastors of this nation. Many clergy are having deep breakthroughs due to the Cloud of Witnesses. For many, the persecution is extremely intense and yet under these circumstances many are overcoming. Some are taking a position against the ACLC.

Pastors are here helping with the Service For Peace rally and came to us today and read the book of Acts in which St. Paul who was a prisoner encouraged those that were on the boat he was on in a great storm not to get off of the boat. If you stay on the boat you will live. Just pull up the anchor and let the storm drive.

The pastors have been working with Bishop Stallings to strengthen and edify our ministers across this country that now is the time to stand strong and stay on the ACLC ship. They urge all pastors and Unificationists to stand strong in your faith.

It is in times of great trial that great men and women of God stand for His Will. Great men and women of God are now overcoming impossible odds to reaffirm and even expand their commitment to the True Parent's dispensation.

Thank you for your faith.


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