The Words of the Jenkins Family

Move to your hometown in the Fatherland

Michael Jenkins
February 24, 2003

Dear Family,

We must keep our hearts connected to the Fatherland. Father's direction for all Blessed Central Families is to move to your hometown in the Fatherland. How you achieve that and when is your responsibility. Open your heart God will make a way.

Father said at breakfast on Friday that the Cheon Il Guk blessing was a moment of rebirth for all of our families. A new moment in our journey. All blessed families now can reconnect through this grace and make the journey with True Parents (regardless of the things they missed in the past).

Now God is working to guide us substantially as his direct lineage. He said if we open our hearts God will give us the answers as to how to fulfill his will. Many times we don't get the answers because we close our heart at the pronouncement of a direction because we don't believe we can fulfill it. God has prepared a way for each and every one of us. The specifics on how our family is to fulfill is also planned by God but it is our responsibility to uncover it. For some, it means to move there immediately. (I know about 100 plus families who are making this decision. With each of them there are dreams, internal feelings and sensing the time and the call. Many families already moved to Korea based on the direction Father gave to all registered blessed families. (The direction then was all should move). An exception was made for Americans to work 40 days twice a year because of the crucial dispensation of America as the second Israel and the critical work with the Christian clergy.

When 2400 were asked to come it was far beyond a normal effort that could achieve it, however the American family opened its heart and became one with Father's heart. Then God gave us solutions to the obstacles that we faced.

Dear Brothers and Sisters, America must become the substantial nation of the Elder Son and a nation of filial piety to God. It must directly assist in bringing the unity of North and South Korea. Your effort is a key to fulfill this. We must stay deeply connected to our areas and our cities. Father is asking his children to move with him there. While he is also saying very clearly that the American family must bring a massive unified second Israel of Christianity into a full knowledge of Father's role and through the expansion of the blessing and unity with Father, we must bring a profound return of American Christianity to Korea (the second time), this time to fulfill the role of the bride religion. This must be achieved. How? Father's direction is for all American members to bring 12,000 clergy through the DP education that we will initiate in every region and state between March 10th and April 20th, 2003. On that foundation, a mass movement to proclaim the resurrection of Jesus must be launched on Good Friday. The Christians united with Father (centering on the ACLC clergy) must take down the cross. The victory of Jesus came through the resurrection. The era of the cross has been conclude. We are now in the era of the resurrection and blessing.

Please stay connected by Korean region. (i.e. Kyung Buk members must stay connected and begin collectively working to support our cities development.)

We will fulfill our responsibility. We will unify the Fatherland.

Thanks Brothers and Sisters,



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