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Blessing 2000 in Korea Important Planning and Preparation MEMO

Rev. Michael Jenkins, c/o Magnus Larsson
January 11, 2000
To: Regional Directors and Vice-Directors, Minister Coordinators

Our True Father has a clear vision to bring unity and fulfillment to world Christianity through North America. Dr. Yang, Bishop Kim, Mrs. Erikawa and the Regional Directors clearly understand the value of the American Christian foundation. Now is the time to break through with God's love working through everyone involved.

Dr. Yang appointed Rev. Daugherty and Rev. Jenkins as the national coordinators of the Christian minister mobilization for Blessing 2000 going to Korea. Based upon consultation with Dr. Yang, Mrs. Erikawa and Dr. Hendricks we have the following information to provide.

Regional Christian Minister Tour Coordinators

The following people were appointed by their Regional Directors to be the Regional Christian Minister Tour Coordinators for the Blessing 2000.

Washington DC: Mrs. Debbie Taylor;
New York: Rev. Yasuhiro Hori;
New Jersey: Rev. Carol Pobanz;
Boston: Mrs. Andrea Higashibaba;
Ohio: Mr. Josef Schrattenecker;
Atlanta: Mrs. Marilyn Eaton;
Florida: Gunther Freystatter;
Chicago: Evang. Yukimi Lemont;
Minneapolis: Mrs. Nadia Chang;
Dallas: Mr. John Halsey;
Denver: Rev. Peggy Yujiri;
Seattle: Mrs. Isabella Byrne;
San Francisco: Mrs. Roberta Burson;
Los Angeles: Rev. Godwin d'Silva;
Canada: Mr. Abdlayne Wone

The responsibility of these Tour Coordinators is as follows:

1) Be the central point for all the states in your Region for contacting and confirming the ministers going to Korea. This coordinator should work closely together with state leaders and other members who work with ministers.

2) An additional responsibility will be to coordinate the confirmation of blessing candidates and members who are going to Korea.

3) Immediately begin contacting all ministers and their young couples.

4) Send in the requested numbers report on time every day (10 p.m. EST). Utilize the web-site to send the applications of the ministers and all going to Korea.


To cover the tour expenses, we are depending upon God to work through:

[1] our great volunteer missionaries from the mother country Japan, centering on the support of their Korean National Messiahs and Mrs. Erikawa;

[2] the equally great spirit of offering by our members in America, with each family committed either to sponsoring one guest or to having the husband or wife participating in the tour as staff; and

[3] the participants on the tour.

We expect that through the above methods, each Region should raise the funds to cover their guests. Work with your National Messiahs and Japanese teams; work with your members.

Based upon our faith that this will work, national headquarters has taken responsibility for the payment necessary to hold our reservations on an adequate number of buses, hotel rooms and restaurant meals for our group.

New Deadline to Confirm, Confirm, Confirm

The most important things now is to confirm the Christian ministers, their wives and their young couples to attend Blessing 2000 in Korea. In addition, all matching candidates who are going, and all members who are going, should confirm.

To do this, the next deadline is January 25, 2000. By this date we should have all the names of the participants going to Korea.

The harvest is plentiful. The ministers are inspired by the Hoon Dok Hae conferences. Meet them one on one. They should give as much as possible as their contribution to the tour payment. Some ministers are paying the full amount. Others can use our help, and we should give it without strings attached. Please work with Rev. Jenkins and Rev. Daugherty for advice on particular ministers or situations.

Final Preparation Conferences

1. We are planning a national meeting on January 23, the day after the birthday banquet, in Washington, DC. It will focus completely on the mobilization for Blessing 2000. Please plan to stay over in DC on the night of the 22nd and leave late afternoon on the 23rd. We will send more information on schedule and location, and on possibilities for overnight lodging. 2. We will have a series of conferences in all regions between Jan 24 and the end of January early February. These will be Hoon Dok Hae conferences for all ministers and Christian members who are planning to go, who are thinking about going, or who you would like to invite. Also you can organize a second meeting for matching candidates who are going. We will cover the spiritual as well as practical aspects of Blessing 2000. Headquarters staff will participate in each conference. Please send your conference proposal (date and location) to Rev. Jenkins's office.

Price Reduction

The cost for the two travel options has been reduced as follows.

East Coast, Midwest and Rocky Mountains:
Travel option A: 5 nights & 6 days, cost $1,265
Travel option B: 3 nights & 4 days, cost $1,065
California, Oregon and Washington only:
Travel option A: 5 nights & 6 days, cost $1,110
Travel option B: 3 nights & 4 days, cost $910

Note: Because we are taking a greater responsibility to cover payment of the tour, we advise that you focus on option B, the shorter and less expensive tour. If ministers want Option A, the longer tour, we advise that you ask them to pay more of their own costs. If we are carrying most of the costs, you should ask them to choose plan B, all other things being equal. But the decision is made on the regional level.

Reporting And Reservations

Numbers Report

As you should know from your Regional Director, every day you report about your results. Use the form that Dr. Yang and Jorg Heller recently sent out. It records the number of Christian church members, matching candidates and our own members who are planning to attend.

Tour Application Report

Use the form we sent out to confirm the participants. Here are the steps:

[1] Have each participant fill it out the form. One form each for the husband and the wife, one form for each matching candidate, one form for each member.

[2] The Tour coordinator in the Region must enter the information on the form onto the online form. We do not have enough staff at headquarters to do this job. We will use the web-site: www.matchingservice. Mr. Howard Frisk is preparing this site and it should be ready within a day or two. We will give each Tour Coordinator a password to access this application form on that site.

[3] As a back-up the application form should go to the Regional Office in care of the Regional Christian Ministers Tour Coordinator. The Ministers Tour Coordinator should send it to to Magnus and to Go World Travel.

Each individual going to Korea must have a completed form. That means that husband and wife should each have a completed form.

Magnus will produce a daily report of confirmations of Christians, matching candidates and members going to Korea for Dr. Yang, Mrs. Erikawa and the Regional Offices.

Each region is responsible to oversee and double-check the airline booking for their participants. The Tour Coordinator can directly check with Go-World Travel on the status of their group.

There is only one system! Everyone who is going to Korea using the travel package A or B should be registered through the same channel. Go World Travel should only have to deal with one person in each region and Magnus should get reports from one person in each region. By doing it this way, we streamline the communications and avoid confusion.

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