The Words of the Jenkins Family

Notes On Conference Call With President Jenkins

May 2, 2000
HSAUWC - Region #1 HQ

Vice President (VP) Howard Self: Father, himself, called for the IEF Student's Conference coming up May 31st-June 4th. Professors, students, administration are invited and content is modeled after ALC (American Leadership Conferences that have been monthly or bi-monthly since January 2000 - actually Hoon Dok Hae conferences have been going on monthly since July of 1999). Russian and Chinese dignitaries will attend. We're asking participants to pay $50/person for ALL expenses, and we expect 700 persons from North America to attend (think 1200 total, including people from Russia and China).

Conference will include a tour of New York City - Columbia U, NYU and sightseeing at United Nations. Participants should NOT be foreign students studying in the US (those who will return to their homeland upon completion of their studies). Would like 1/3 to be professors and administrators. Includes 2-yr. college persons.

Mother's Tour: Mother is going to South America (SA) on Thursday to speak in 4 cities of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, then 12 more cities (in SA?), then 12 more cities in Europe. True Parents will be back in the US 5/31 and may be here to celebrate True Day of All Things.

Michael Jenkins: This last speaking tour with Mother was the third time and Rev. Jenkins participated in a speaking tour; and he could see that there is a BIG change in North America (NA) - especially, those ministers who went to Chung Pyung during the recent Blessing 2000 trip.

Father would like us to make a new supra-denominational organization or movement which will break down all religious barriers - 144,000 churches, religious groups or groups of families. (more details to come another time)

We should start with 15,000 Churches to receive FFWPU flag and True Parent's picture and we should teach them about kyung bae.

Chicago's Rev. T. L. Barratt really respects Mother and during Mother's Tour (? - not positive of the exact gathering where this took place), the morning after Mother's Chicago Speech, Rev. Barratt attended and did Kyung Bae and Hoon Dok Hae (HDH) with all family members. Then as Mother spoke, following HDH, Mother clearly explained how God prepared Christian leaders, such as Rev. Barratt, to work with True Parents - and Rev. Barratt acknowledged what Mother said.

VP Rev. Levy Dougherty: Father would have left America, if not for our Christian foundation. ABSOLUTELY Jesus was victorious. These ministers who are being approached by us to go to Korea are chosen, they have been called - in some cases you can ask them: Do you feel called to go to Korea?

In Chung Pyung Dae Mo Nim has finished a healthy mineral bath, made of special Korean rock which pulls out the bodies' impurities. 300 people can bathe together. The ministers will go to the bath, pray on the mountain, drink Holy Water and go to Sun Moon University to hear about Father's Life Work. There will be 70 ministers (from North America) going on this trip. We should ask them if they are ready to go and can clear their schedule for that time.

President Rev. Michael Jenkins: Father wants us to form a supra denominational movement - maybe it will be called the American Clergy Leadership Conference and it will melt down all denominational barriers to form one body of Christ. We would like 15,000 ministers to participate.

Those Churches who receive the Family Federation flag, at 3 a.m. in the morning, the good ancestors of that Church will pour into the church, every night, and fill the Church, and the atmosphere will change.

At first we were going to have a summit meeting to found this new movement, but Rev. Dougherty suggested that the ministers are ready to go to Korea now. We would like a good cross-section of denominations - Methodist, Presbyterian, Mormon, COGIC, Baptist, 7th Day Adventist, Catholic, Lutheran. These ministers should have at least 500 members in their congregations, or be the head of a ministerial alliance, or a bishop or denominational head. Let God work.

Depending on city of departure, they will leave May 21st or 22nd (Mon.) and return May 27th (Sat.), so they won't miss being in the pulpit on Sunday.

Each Region should send a minimum of 4 key bishop-level leaders (no spouses this time, please). 1st come, 1st served. Regional list of possible attendees should be sent to HQ TODAY - in order to look over and approve (so we have a good mix of all the denominations) and then we can go ahead and confirm with each minister.

Yesterday (or today?) Father was preparing to go fishing and was leaving. He drove a short distance and then the car came back really quickly and Father invited everyone to go with him. EVERYBODY caught fish. All the Americans caught at least one fish or more and, of those caught, all were keepers.

Father said that if we move Christianity, we move all America and we can establish God's Fatherland and the reunification of God's Fatherland.

We are asking that each minister going to Korea pay $300. This summit meeting is like the beginning of Christianity 2000 years ago. We should be very inclusive of all God's denominations.

There will be very simple info available for Korea trip in a couple days. Make your own invitation letter if you need one. Don't wait for our info to come.

As in the case of Chicago's minister foundation, the key to building this is unity with Regional Director. The same is true now on the national level, with unity, centering on Continental Director Dr. Yang and Rev. Jenkins.

We can make a patriotic movement. We need white ministers and English-speaking Spanish ministers.

Father said: embrace top leaders with love.

Have Chung Pyung graduates (?) bring their bishop. The cost for each participant is around $2000 each and it is with GREAT sacrifice that Mrs. Erikawa is supporting this.

Each Region should have a minimum of 1 staff person (total in attendance should be 80).

Also, build your Family Church, with outreach, so we can welcome families to join us for worship and attendance. Our Church has to teach about Jesus. 80% of US is Christian. Dr. Tyler Hendricks did extensive research and 40% of Divine Principle pages contains words about Jesus.

We should have 21-day workshops available in 4 major locations in this country, and 2-day and 7-day workshops, locally.

Invite ministers to preach in your Church.

Mother's Speech should be read, as a condition, in all 50 States by May 20th - as an event, or Sunday service, or Wednesday Bible study.

Rev. Dougherty prayed to conclude the call.

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