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Notes On Conference Call With President Jenkins

Gerhard Weisinger
May 3, 2000

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Greetings in the name of our True Parents. Tonight, Rev. Jenkins, the new president of HSA-UWC US had a conference call with Vice Regional Directors and with Coordinators for Christian Outreach. I would like to share the content of the conference call. Sorry, my notes are not so good. They are unofficial notes and may contain errors.

The main focus of the conference call was on Christian leaders going to Chung Pyung. Other topics were covered as well. Here is from my notes:

1) International Education Foundation and the event at UB: Lasting Love: Education and Practice Global Perspectives on Character Development and Family Education in the 21st Century

500 Professors and students are expected to come from Russia and China and about 700 to 800 from the US. CARP has a goal of about 200 participants; the rest will come from the various regions. Howard Self, the new US CARP president and FFWPU Vice president participated in the conference call. We need to get the confirmations before May 14.

True Father considers this conference as very important. There may be similar conferences in the future in Russia and in China. The conference is co-sponsored by IEF, PLA, UB and FFWPU. Of the attendees, about 30% should be University/ College professors, administrators, High School Principals, etc. and about 70% students [please note that contrary to my earlier message, all university/college students are invited, not just graduate students]. The fee is $225 but if necessary, participants can pay as little as $50. The goal for our region is 30 participants.

2) True Mother's Tour: True Parents were happy with True Mother's tour. In various places, dignitaries introduced True Mother as True Mother and not just as Mrs. or Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon. True Parents will leave for South America (I think on May 4) and True Mother will start a speaking tour speaking in 4 cities in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay then in 12 other South American countries and then in 12 European countries (total of 36 speeches)

3) Chung Pyung Pilgrimage of Christian leaders True Father wants to start a new super-denominational movement. It should include 144,000 churches or religious groups. The first step is 15,000 Christian churches that will receive the FFWPU flag and a picture of True Parents. True Father said that in those churches who fly the FFWPU flag (or at least have it displayed in their church) and have a picture of True Parents, ancestors of the members of the church will come to visit the church at 3 a.m. The spirit in those churches will change.

For this Korea trip, we are to focus on Christian leaders and not on interfaith groups (although some national NOI and a few national Scientology leaders will participate.

Side note regarding Minister Louis Farrakhan: He and over 20 members of his family attended the Universal Ballet performance in Chicago and were extremely moved. This was the first time Minister Farrakhan went to see a ballet performance.

The purpose of this trip to Korea is to have close influential ministers begin the establishment of this super-denominational movement, really breaking down the barriers of denominations. Rev. Jenkins and Rev. Daugherty were confident that God had prepared at least 70 high level ministers who are ready to go even on such short notice. The trip is from May 22 to May 27 (Ministers don't have to miss a Sunday at their church). The program in Korea is not finalized but they will go to Chung Pyung and visit Sun Moon university. At Chung Pyung, they will have a meeting with DMN and will be able to experience the new Mineral Bath (designed by DMN) where they can receive internal and external cleansing. (The bath has room for 300 persons). Rev. Yang mentioned that this bath is very special. It uses special stones that draw out poison. These 70 ministers will be trailblazers.

The goal for every region is to bring 4 ministers; some larger regions have a higher goal. In addition, each region should send one staff person.

True Father's direction is to set up and American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC). Again, the goal is to break down denominations.

We should bring a good mix of denominations, races, etc. - a good cross-section of American Christianity. They should be at the level of Bishop or denominational leaders or have a congregation of t least 500 members.

They will participate in 6 a.m. Hoon Dok Hae to inherit True Parents' tradition. These ministers should already be close to True Parents and not new contacts.

We have to submit names within a few days (travel arrangements have to be made).

The registration fee is $300 and participants should pay this fee.

This summit meeting, or pilgrimage can be compared to Pentecost, it should become a new beginning for Christianity.

4) Unity and other topics that were mentioned Total unity is the key. In the region, we need to be united with the regional director. On a national level, there is a great feeling of unity. Dr. Yang appointed WFWP leader Alexa Ward also Vice President of FFWPU and Howard Self, CARP president, also Vice President of FFWPU. There is also great cooperation and unity with ACC.

The graduates from the ALC conferences and the clergy should become leaders of a new patriotic movement.

Each region should develop 2 and 7-day workshops and there will be about four 21-day workshop sites in the nation.

Rev. Daugherty recommended inviting ministers from other churches to preach in our church. He has good experiences with that in Virginia.

True Mother's speech should be given in all 50 states by May 20 (contrary to what I said previously that it should be completed by the end of May). The location should be Christian church. Either at a service or at Bible study. If about 100 people attend it is fine.

I apologize if I missed something or if what I wrote is not so clear but I wanted to get this out quickly. Please share this message with those who do not have e-mail.

Please inform me if you know of any minister who fits the criteria mentioned above who should go to Korea. Also, please contact me if you know of anyone who fits the criteria for attending the UB conference. 

Here is my first correction. It relates to True Mothers speaking tour. Other corrections may follow.

True Mother will speak in South America from May 8 - 19. She will speak in 12 cities in 4 nations starting with Paraguay. (Paraguay - 2 cities; Argentina - 4 cities; Brazil - 4 cities; and Uruguay - 2 cities) After concluding her South American tour, True Mother will travel to Europe, Russia and Canada where she will speak in 12 cities. She will begin on May 21 in Europe and conclude on June 1 in Canada. At this time it is expected that True Parents will celebrate True Day of All Things in New York. This is True Mother's tour schedule until that time. Please pray for True Parents and for the safety of True Mother's speaking tour.

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