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Invitation To Be Together With True Parents For The Fishing Tournament In Alaska

To: Regional Directors & Vice Regional Directors
From: Rev. Michael Jenkins, President, FFWPU
Date: August 17, 2000
Re: Invitation To Be Together With True Parents For The Fishing Tournament In Alaska

Dear Leaders,

We are happy to announce a special invitation to True Parent's 40th Holy Wedding Anniversary Second Fishing Tournament. This is a very special opportunity for outstanding leaders and representatives to have a direct and personal experience with our True Parents on a Kodiak Fishing Expedition!!

The Tournament will be held as follows:

What: True Parents 40th Holy Wedding Anniversary Second Fishing Tournament

The following will be celebrated in Alaska with True Parents:-

Holy Days:

August 31, 2000 - Pal Jeong Shik [12th Day Of The Settlement Of Eight Stages]

September 1, 2000 - Cham Bu Chu-Eui [(12th) Declaration of Heavenly Parentism]

Where: Kodiak, Alaska

When: Arrive on Aug. 29th or 30th (early) Return Sept. 3rd or 4th

Registration Fee: $1000 Which Covers The Following:

Fees For Boats, Accomodations, Meals, Fishing License , Transportation In Kodiak, Rain Gear, Etc.


Qualifying Catches:- :

Silver salmon: 12 pounds or more

King salmon 20 pounds or more

Halibut 100 pounds or more

Special Awards will be given for the largest catches in the above categories. Winners will receive a trophy and take a picture with True Parents and receive a certificate signed by True Parents.

Grand Prize - To Be Announced

For whoever catches the largest Halibut (must be over 200 pounds) Or Salmon over 45 inches

What to Bring:

Warm Fishing Clothes, Your Own Fishing Gear

Host Sponsor: FFWPU America

Sponsoring Organizations: IIFWP, FFWPUI, FFWPU of Korea and Japan, True World Group, Global Oceanic Food Project

Chairman: Dr. Chung Hwan Kwak

Special Advisors: Rev. Sun Jo Hwang Rev. Jeong Ok Eu

Executive Director: Dr. Chang Shik Yang

Central Directors: Mrs. Erikawa Rev. Michael Jenkins

Chief Judge: Mr. Ku Bae Park

Let us give glory to god and join this heavenly fishing expedition with our true parents !!!

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