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Million Family March - New Direction

Michael Jenkins
September 6, 2000

Family Federation for World Peace and Unification
North American Headquarters
1610 Columbia Road NW, Washington DC 20009
Tel: 202-722-6800 - Fx: 202-723-4008 - email
Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Continental Director
Rev. Michael Jenkins, President

To: Regional Directors, Vice Regional Directors and State Leaders
Fm: Rev. Michael Jenkins, President FFWPU - USA
Re: Million Family March - New Direction
Dt: September 6th, 2000

To All North American Blessed Wives and All Families,

During our Leaders Conference at Headquarters it was confirmed that the most effective way to bring Families to the Million Family March, is for our members to work in their OWN LOCAL AREA.

Blessed Wives, you DO NOT NEED TO COME to Washington DC. Instead please work with other Volunteer Organizations in your LOCAL CITIES.

It has been documented that for the Million Men March in 1995 more than 200,000 people came mostly by air from the Mid West and Western Regions. We ask that the mobilization in the local area be considered a full time 30-day effort. On October 16th each Region will have a kick-off rally for the MFM event.

Special Donation

Due to the Mobilization based on the Local Effort, our Donation to the National headquarters will be $300 per Family. This includes all Families. This will help Headquarters to cover the National Expense.

Please expect to offer another Donation to your Region. The Regional Directors will determine the amount. More detailed information will be given in the near future.


The organization that we will be volunteering to work for will be the Million Family March National Coalition (this name might change slightly). This Coalition will consist of all races, religions, denominations and nationalities.

To help broaden the Coalition we ask that in the next two days you send the name of any VIP that can be part of either the National Organization Committee or the State Organization Committee.

For example Rev. Leo Beato of St. James Lutheran Church in Florida has agreed to be on the National Organization Committee. We would like Clergy, Political Leaders, Media Professionals, Military Veterans, as well as Ethnic Community Leaders i.e. the Presidents of the Chinese, Latino, Asian and Philippine Associations to join the Organization Committee.

Let us build the Coalition! Please email your names to Jorg Heller using MSExcel in the following format.

Title First Name Last Name Organization Name

Please confirm ASAP via telephone (call as a representative of the MFM not the FFWPU) if we can put your VIPs name on the list. Even Organizations like the TFVM for instance can be part of the Organization Committee. Let us bring everyone together to make this Million Family March a great success.


Rev. Michael Jenkins

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