The Words of the Jenkins Family

Letter to Blessed Wives

Michael Jenkins
October 25, 2000

Dear Blessed Wives that are going to Chung Pyung Lake,

For the blessed wives who postponed their trips to Chung Pyung to help in the Million Family March, we sincerely thank you for the victory in bringing the 1.4 million people to the March (official number from the Washington, DC Mayor's office). We believe that the sacrifice you made with exemplary faith in postponing your trips in faith without understanding all of the reasons set the internal condition for the MFM to be successful.

Many testimonies are coming in from top religious leaders, former heads of state, American Clergy and elected officials. There is a virtuously unanimous view that our efforts played a crucial role in bringing many religions and races together. We know that this is only possible by God's grace and love as manifested by our True Parents.

We are grateful to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and his family who have repeatedly thanked our True Parents, both privately and publicly, for their support in the MFM. Last Monday, in the press conference in Chicago, Minister Farrakhan recognized True Parents as his inspiration for the marriage ceremony at the MFM based on his experience at RFK Stadium.

Now you are taking a journey to Chung Pyung Lake to set conditions that will allow grace to be bestowed on your family as well as the foundation to receive the National Level Blessing. We sincerely pray that each blessed wife will bind her heart with True Mother and through her become one with the heart of True Father so that True Parent's spirit can be eternally planted in your family and your lineage.

Again, we express from the bottom of our hearts the great hope that we feel for America because of the faith that has been expressed by our blessed wives, their husbands and their families. We sincerely thank our True Parents and our leaders for their vision and wisdom in leading us to the victory in the Million Family March.

Yours sincerely,
Rev. Michael Jenkins
President, FFWPU

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