The Words of the Jenkins Family

Visit with True Parents

Mike Jenkins
November 23, 2000

Dear Regional Leaders, Vice Regional Directors and State Leaders,

Dr. Yang and I just finished a very special time with True Parents and Rev. Kwak. Many topics were covered. Especially the blessed wives 21 day forgiveness and blessing of our families. Father was happy to hear how determined and inspired we were in the final session at the Prayer hall. The change of blood lineage was emphasized by True Father. He said Unification Church members understand the meaning of this.

True Mother asked why we were so late. It was well after dinner when we arrived. We felt sorry to True Parent's that we interrupted them when they were alone. True Mother still smiled. We are so grateful for her love for us. We're sorry that we took some time from our Parents who were sharing a rare moment of quiet together. Let us determine to liberate our True Parents so that they will no longer worry about the America Elder Son Providence.

Father emphasized many things and we reported on a variety of topics.

1. We should do Christian Church Revivals for 3 nights at time all across America. This should be a combination of small churches together with big churches.

2. American leaders must learn and teach True Parent's tradition. Absolute Faith, Absolute Love and Absolute Obedience.

3. Change of blood lineage is a priceless inheritance and has even far greater value than tradition. This is why religious leaders would emphasize total celibacy and single life to cut off from the root of the fall. The Change of Blood lineage was once again given to all blessed couples at CPL. Everyone must go through this course to register their family in the Kingdom of Heaven.

4. Dr. Yang really testified to the American Blessed Families and in particular the blessed wives and the power of the workshop at Chung Pyung Lake. Father mentioned that this is a time of great cooperation from heaven and that our ancestors and the angels can assist us greatly.

5. We must love Hoon Dok Hae more than anything else. We must realize the infinite value of Father's words.

6. Rev. Kwak presented the program and speech from the World Association of NGO's and then True Father signed dozens. Rev. Kwak really moved True Father when reporting about WANGO, the impact of the UN declaration and the Marshall Islands and Island Nation Providence.

7. Father said we must inherit and adapt to the heavenly culture.

8. We need to teach people through HDH material. They don't understand the true meaning of Messiah. They must inherit this through Father's words. If we don't give them Father's words they will not understand.

9. The American President and all leaders should concern themselves with how to get Father's words to all the people.

10. Reports were given about the one family one church development in Washington, D.C. and that 30 families adopted churches and that as many as 100 have shown desire to participate.

11. America must take full responsibility to become the Elder Son to support the 185 countries of the World.

12. Rev. Kwak gave a report about Mr. Salonen and University of Bridgeport. He reported that they are realistically on the way to self sufficiency. He also reported that UB has a special value in that it has such an international and interracial student body. That UB is inviting top world leaders such as the Prime Minister of Bangladesh and UN ambassadors. Father said they all must be taught Divine Principle and Father's words.

13. It was reported that we are starting 2, 7, 21, 40 and actionizing programs in many regions. Chicago has already started. Father was very happy and said we must create lecturers. 700 people attend lecture every day in Japan. They are basically given DP books and they read together or they are given F's words. We should use this approach and develop 700 guests per day in America.

14. The Blessed Wives outreach was reported and Father showed great interest and support.

15. The ACLC , IIFWP and the TFV Luncheon invitations for December 15 and 16 were given to True Father. We reported to Father concerning the 2000 Christian leaders will be at the luncheon and that the 120 will gather for the ACLC conference. IIFWP inauguration will also take place. A Democrat and a Republican should join the chairman's group together with the FFWPU President and top religious leaders.

16. Father talked about the new providence in Hawaii and the Island Nations. He mentioned that Hawaii is 80% Asian and therefore is a very important bridge between Japan and America.

17. Father said that it took him 5 years to change from North Korean culture to S. Korean culture after he escaped to Pusan. How much more difficult is it for Westerners (He pointed at M.J.) to give up hamburgers and other habits of the Western culture and join the heavenly culture!

18. A report was given to True Father about the Christian Coalition leader and how black leaders in Louisiana embraced him when he spoke in favor of supporting Minister Farrakhan and the Million Family March. Also, photos were shown concerning the visit Dr. McCormack, Dr. Perkins of Faith and Families, Rev. Jesse Edwards and Rev. Barrett made to Pastor Barrett's church with M.J.

19. A brief explanation was given on how the Christian activity is rapidly multiplying in all the key regions. Dallas was highlighted.

20. Mention was made of Rev. Daugherty's report that the ministers see Father as the one who brought all races together at the Million Family March.

There was much more but I wanted to get this out as soon as possible. Basically it was a moment of great love from True Parents.

Please make your 120 airline reservations the 3 week deadline is tomorrow. Please choose your 5 special guests for IIFWP.

True Parent's love and power is so great that we will launch a new revolution in America.

Thank You. In True Parent's Love,

Rev. Michael Jenkins

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