The Words of the Jenkins Family

Meeting with True Father at East Garden

Michael Jenkins
November 25, 2000

To: Regional Directors, Vice Regional Directors, State Leaders, ACC, ALC, Department Leaders

Fm: Jörg Heller for Rev. Michael Jenkins

Re: Meeting with True Father at East Garden

Dt: November 25th, 2000

Greetings to all blessed families A number of blessed wives from the East Coast (12 sisters) who graduated from the Chung Pyung 21 day workshop attended Hoon Dok Hae with True Parents this morning. True Father gave a very significant address concerning the Providence for America. True Father asked that the speech be transcribed and distributed to all Blessed Couples in North America.

Special Direction All Blessed Wives who completed the 21 day workshop, must also complete the 40 day Jardim Blessed Family Workshop as soon as possible. Father emphasized that we must not miss even one providential step. Those who already completed the 40 day Blessed Family Workshop at Jardim do not have to go again. Other details from this morning's meeting are forthcoming. Father totally supported the special dispensation to work for six month in America and 40 days in Korea. He emphasized that this is our Special Chance to establish America as the Elder Son Nation.

The six month/40 day outreach plan is only for Blessed Wives who were blessed after the 1800 Couple Blessing. 1800 Couple Blessed Wives and Couples from Previous Blessings are to follow the original direction to go to Korea and there fulfill the 4 year Dispensational Course.

Please support our Kick-Off Meetings tomorrow, November 26th in each Region. A document concerning our basic plan for the organization of the Blessed Wives Outreach will come out later tonight.

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