The Words of the Jenkins Family

God's Day Memo

Michael Jenkins
December 30, 2000

Dear Blessed Families,

May you and your family have a happy True Godís Day and may your new year be prosperous and victorious in His will. Our True Parents are concluding the year 2000 with great victories - from the Assembly 2000 at the United Nations to the Christian Leaders great support and love at the True Family Values Banquet on December 16th in Chicago. This was a year in which great progress was made in bringing all humanity together. Starting with True Parentsí Birthday celebration on January 22 to the American Century Awards on February 2nd, America came together to support Godís dispensation. True Motherís world speaking tour brought Americaís finest leaders, religious, political, academic and faith based into a very natural and inspired acknowledgement of the role of Father and Mother as the True Parents of humanity, as well as the commitment to affirm our own roles as "True Parents".

This summer Fatherís words became the center of a moral strengthening, education and revival movement that included the Lasting Love Conferences for students and leaders, the IIFWP conferences, the ACLCís and the ALCís. Hyun Jin Nim brought great victory and honor to our True Parents as he stood in the center of all these educational activities and won the hearts and minds of the leaders of our nation. We joined arm in arm and heart to heart with every denomination and race to strengthen and rebuild the family in the Million Family March organized by the Nation of Islam in which we joined all the major Christian denominations as Co-sponsors. We witnessed that all the barriers are truly coming down and we rejoice that great Christian leaders of all races are joining our efforts to heal and revive America.

We ended the year with the inauguration of the IIFWP USA chapter and a celebration of 2500 Christian leaders honoring and affirming "True Parents". Rev. Schanker has developed our media outreach with great skill so much so that we now have very positive contacts and "friends" within the major media that see the Family Federation as a mainstream voice for the reconciliation and unity of all people. Rev. Daugherty is leading the executive committee of the "120" key ministers who are now preparing True Parentsí revival tour of America in Christian churches. Dr. Yangís vision of dual tracks of church growth and Christian church outreach have taken hold in every region. Our church growth and the formation of the 5 Family Blessed Wives Outreach Groups are bringing great development in our Church communities. As demonstrated in Chicago, our Christian family has become one body together with the Family Federation. (Thank you Bishop Kim and all Chicago Family!) CARP is in a great period of membership growth and development under the leadership of Rev. Howard Self, and the WFWP is bringing great women forward led by Mrs. Alexa Ward. (Both Mrs. Ward and Rev. Self are FFWPU Vice Presidents). Mr. And Mrs. Inose have strengthened and greatly developed our Kodan foundation. Great support and cooperation have come from organizational and business leaders throughout the regions. We sincerely thank our Regional Directors, Vice Regional Directors and State Leaders and Pastors for your crucial role to "pastor" our communities throughout this nation.

We are inspired and confident that the coming year of 2001 will be the continuous expansion of this glorious period of realizing Godís kingdom. We are gaining great strength and renewed confidence that the "American Movement" will fulfill the "Elder Sons" role. May God abundantly bless you, your family and your work in this coming year.


Rev. Michael Jenkins

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