The Words of the Jenkins Family

Message to Leaders

Michael Jenkins
January 3, 2001

Dear Leaders,

True God's Day was glorious. We have entered a new age of the dominion of heart. The era of salvation has passed. Father expressed a great deal of joy and happiness with the Elder Son Nation vis-a-vis the victory of the Christian Ministers support for True Parents at the True Family Values December 16th Luncheon. Great thanks to Dr. Yang and Bishop Kim and all Chicago family as well as all our leaders both FFWPU and ACC who supported. Let us bring great results for heaven.

Blessing 2001

Please create a spiritual fire through the Chung Pyung Graduates Blessed Wives Five Family Outreach. Our Goal: One couple per couple. We are counting on the Blessed wives to fulfill through Christian Ministers/churches and other graduates. We want to have candidates (engaged couples, dating couples etc.) by January 7th Sunday evening. List to JHELLER@FAMILYFED.ORG and Pictures with Blessing application forms to your regional HQ by Sunday night.

Please fulfill our responsibility. Last week I put out a memo asking every 5 family group to list their 3 best couple candidates or decide which church they will try to work with. YOUR LEADERSHIP IS ESSENTIAL.

JANUARY 19th INAUGURAL PRAYER LUNCHEON - All FFWPU leaders are invited to support this historic event in which we will bring the 120 ministers of the ACLC the spirit of the Chicago Victory Dec. 16th together with religious leaders of every race and denomination. Please put your full effort behind this event. It's $100 per plate. We will pray for a new beginning for America. Work with your local ACC leader to bring your very top leaders who you can't sponsor through the ALC. Then work to inspire the others to come to "Save the Nation". We have invited many top political leaders from a bipartisan background to receive God's anointing and prayer for Unity and Love in our nation.

Come Together America! Is our theme

Dr. Yang and Mr. Joo are in total unity. I'm working with President David Caprera and the Washington Community with Rev. Lee and Rev. Lykes. Washington alone will bring 1000! Please hurry or you may miss this great providential opportunity.

True Parents Speaking Tour

Based on the Christian victory in Chicago True Parents would like to do a speaking tour of all 50 states centering on the Christian family. The ACLC 120 and top ministers have pledged to travel side by side with True Father to create a whirlwind evangelical tour. Please prepare the candidate churches in which Father will speak. Banquet format is also acceptable. Dr. Barrett and Rev. Leroy Elliot have pledged to bring great support from the ministers they know nationwide. For a church venue the church must be BIG!! and have a strong foundation of influence and a heart to support our True Parents. Thank you Jesus and the 106 saints!!

Five Family Outreach Groups

Happy True God's Day and Happy Day of Victory of Love. Please make every effort now to find one couple for Blessing 2001 as directed by True Father (engaged or already dating) who are interested in the blessing through working with the Christian Churches or with the graduates of the seminars and conferences we have held. We are praying for the success of our goal for 2001 through the Five Family Groups.

Please have the names of your candidate couples ready by January 7th. As previously communicated, the Blessing will be held on Saturday, 27th January region by region, with the East Coast focusing on New York. Let us bring great joy to our True Parents for this new era leading to the year 3000. Father has called this the 3000 era/period (the third millennium has begun).

Living Offering Fund

Father emphasized many times in his God's Day message and the January 2nd leader's conference that the 2000 year period of Christianity has completely ended and a new era has begun. This is an era in which we should offer all of our things to God. This condition is to be set by making the Living Offering. Father has asked that all blessed couples make every possible effort to make the Living Offering before the January 13th coronation. Father has asked that the Living Offering be made through the National HQ of each nation. Please continue to send your offerings to:

Financial Dept - C/o Rev. Eric Holt
4 West 43rd Street
New York, NY 10036

Confession and Repentance

Since we are entering a new era, we want to completely cleanse ourselves of all past histories that Heaven cannot accept. All blessed couples and blessed families, according to Father's direction, should make an individual written confession of all past mistakes and sins. This confession is between the individual and Heavenly Father and does not need to be shared with anyone. On Thursday, January 11th, 2001 each region will conduct a special ceremony to offer these confessions to Heaven, at which time, the confessions will be burned. This will be done according to the direction of the Regional Director in each region and on their approval, can be done on the State and community level.

God's Day Motto 2001

The motto for this year is still being carefully translated. We are waiting for Rev. Sun Jo Hwang, FFWPUI President, to give the final official English translation.

Yours sincerely,
Rev. Michael Jenkins
FFWPU North America 

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