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True Parents 50 State Speaking Tour

Michael Jenkins
February 1, 2000

Dear leaders,

True Father has again confirmed after numerous discussions that he will personally go to all 50 states of the U.S. on a speaking tour. He has asked that the tour begin on February 11 through March 31. We have requested additional time to prepare. At this point the starting date will be March 25 in New York.

Father stated at the morning meeting that all blessed couples and every organization in the United States should fully participate in the success of this tour. At breakfast he made particular emphasis on the ACC/FFWPU relationship.

The sponsors are being discussed. Definitely FFWPU. Father directed that we should work off of the January 19th theme and bring 2500 Christians leaders together in each state. He praised the black Christian leaders for honoring him at the January 19th meeting and said that he would like to invest more in the black community in America. He expressed that through these Christian leaders all of the denominations and races can come together.

This is a great opportunity for America. Any input on how we can promote this tour professionally and with great dignity will be appreciated. Please let us know your thoughts. Based on the UN victory Father sees a great opportunity to bring the leaders of America together. He emphasized today that through the two ALCs that were held in each state and the clergy movement, America is ready to welcome True Parents in all 50 states.

Here is the tentative schedule.


Rev. Michael Jenkins
Family Federation for World Peace and Unification

True Parents 50 State Speaking Tour

Final Version - (minor changes may still be made)

No. Day Date State
1 Sunday 25-Feb New York
2 Monday 26-Feb New Jersey
3 Tuesday 27-Feb Connecticut, UB
4 Wedneday 28-Feb Chicago
5 Thursday 1-Mar Pennsylvania
6 Friday 2-Mar Boston
7 Saturday 3-Mar Florida, Miami
8 Sunday 4-Mar Alabama
9 Monday 5-Mar Ohio
10 Tuesday 6-Mar Houston
11 Wednesday 7-Mar New Mexico
12 Thursday 8-Mar Minnesota, Minneapolis
13 Friday 9-Mar San Francisco
14 Saturday 10-Mar Seattle
15 Sunday 11-Mar Oregon
16 Monday 12-Mar Utah
17 Tuesday 13-Mar Arizona
18 Wednesday 14-Mar Colorado
19 Thursday 15-Mar Nevada
20 Friday 16-Mar Arkansas
21 Saturday 17-Mar Mississippi
22 Sunday 18-Mar Kentucky
23 Monday 19-Mar Virginia
24 Tuesday 20-Mar Delaware
25 Wednesday 21-Mar Michigan
26 Thursday 22-Mar Iowa
27 Friday 23-Mar Kansas
28 Saturday 24-Mar South Carolina
29 Sunday 25-Mar Louisiana
30 Monday 26-Mar Montana
31 Tuesday 27-Mar Wyoming
32 Wednesday 28-Mar Missouri
33 Thursday 29-Mar West Virginia
34 Friday 30-Mar Maine
35 Saturday 31-Mar North Dakota
36 Sunday 1-Apr North Carolina
37 Monday 2-Apr Tennessee
38 Tuesday 3-Apr Rhode Island
39 Wednesday 4-Apr Indiana
40 Thursday 5-Apr Oklahoma
41 Friday 6-Apr Nebraska
42 Saturday 7-Apr New Hampshire
43 Sunday 8-Apr Atlanta
44 Monday 9-Apr Vermont
45 Tuesday 10-Apr South Dakota
46 Wednesday 11-Apr Idaho
47 Thursday 12-Apr Hawaii
48 Friday 13-Apr Alaska
49 Saturday 14-Apr LA
50 Sunday 15-Apr Wisconsin
51 Monday 16-Apr Washington

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