The Words of the Jenkins Family

Regarding Rev. Moon's 50 State Speaking Tour

Michael Jenkins
February 20, 2001

Family Federation for World Peace and Unification
1610 Columbia Road, NW, Washington, DC 20009
(202) 722-6800 Fax (202) 723-4008

North America Headquarters
Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Continental Director
Rev. Michael Jenkins, President
Faxed to all Regions, emailed to RD, VRD, State Leaders, ACC/AFC Leaders

TO: Regional Directors, Vice Regional Directors, AFC Leaders, State Leaders, Business and Organizational Leaders, All Blessed Families and Members

FM: Rev. Michael Jenkins as directed by Dr. Chang Shik Yang

True Parents were inspired today at East Garden. All of America is responding to Father's historic final speaking tour.

Thank you to all for your sacrifices to make the 50 state tour a success. We will bring victory. Many breakthroughs are occurring through your faith and effort. Please give everything that you have to bring a great success.


For all who sent in their $800 national offering for the tour we sincerely thank you. If you haven't yet please do so immediately. Our only resource for this massive undertaking is in the support of our blessed families. If you can't offer the whole amount, send as much as you can right away to your regional headquarters. Also, for those who have been blessed materially please pray and consider giving $10,000 at this time. Your offering will make a great condition for America.


We sincerely ask every blessed family and all members to make a serious effort to bring Christian and other religious leaders to this historic speaking tour. The goal is 2500 leaders for each and every state. If your state has a small Christian foundation then please bring all leaders of influence. You can make 2500 if you totally believe and make a very realistic plan. Please do not rely only on your past experience to decide what is possible. Rather than think "we can't do it", just think about what it would take to make it happen. Father said today, "If you see, touch, taste and smell the presence of the spirit world you will be guided on how to fulfill."

In Texas, Rev. Mark Hernandez and Rev. John Jackson united with Rev. Jung's concern that the church they had selected was not big enough. Last night they confirmed the largest church in Houston as the host for True Parents' visit - The Pleasant Grove Baptist Church which seats 3500 comfortably and 5000 when packed! The pastor, the Rev. Dr. C.L. Jackson is one of the most influential in Houston. He was so inspired to welcome Father. President Bush visited there last year as Governor. Dr. Jackson was moved by Father's support for the Million Family March. He also used to support our movement during the CAUSA days. Their Houston committee of pastors totally believes they will bring victory. How? They are pooling their resources to get the most famous Gospel artists there. They are going to raise the money to bring some big names and then advertise on the gospel radio extensively. We don't recommend that you get large auditoriums or churches unless headquarters approves. (We are praying for Texas now. Not only our members but also the pastors are desperate to fulfill at this time.)

Rev. Charles Williams of Little Rock is helping both in Texas and doing the same thing with Rev. Bruce Biggins in Arkansas. They are bringing in all the pastors in the city together. They have secured the renowned and award winning Mississippi Mass Choir. Dr. Williams brought 12,000 last year to a gospel fest. Don't be afraid. Be wise and pray. If your pastors have strong inspiration they will break through. After we reported this to Father he said, "The Time Has Come."

In Boston they are giving the Young Heroes Awards to 100 youth and they are inviting all the church leaders to support this effort. Last year they brought a tremendous result. Reach out to all churches, political leaders, media, academic and community leaders. If we make a comprehensive effort we will bring miracles. MOBILIZE WITH ALL YOUR PRAYER AND HEART. Help other blessed couples to realize that everyone, regardless of your profession or mission, can bring guests. Especially through the one family, one church system.

Directions From East Garden:

Mrs. Won Ju McDevitt sent out instructions from East Garden on how to care for True Parents. Please pay close attention to this memo and follow it carefully.

Campaign Leadership:

Dr. Yang and I will be traveling with True Parents. Mr. Robert Kittel will be the Senior Director of the National Tour Campaign. He will be directly under Dr. Yang and I and will coordinate and support all areas of our effort. Mr. Michael Leone has joined the team and will oversee all Logistics and Mobilization through the FFWPU Leaders. Mr. Michael Smith will be head of Mobilization through the AFC network of leaders. WFWP Chairwoman Alexa Ward is heading up our nationwide VIP outreach with a special focus on Catholic Cardinals and Bishops and Bishops of Lutheran, Presbyterian, Methodist and Episcopalian churches. Mrs. Wendy Herstein and Mrs. Robin Musiol are heading up Evangelical Christian Outreach to top nationally famous leaders.

Chung Pyung Blessed Wives:

We are grateful to our blessed wives for the development of our 5 family outreach groups. Please work with your group members to bring buses from churches. Go out together to visit to leaders. Bring the buses from the churches. To succeed in a big mobilization you must use buses.

Gospel Choir and Artist:

Acquiring a famous Gospel artist can bring a huge result. Ask the pastors on your invitational committee who can draw the Christian community. Through the pastors you can find out who is most popular with the church leaders. The Gospel artist can range anywhere from $1000 to $15,000 dollars. However, if they become inspired through the testimony of the clergy they can drop their requirements to a very small amount. For a really powerful draw and famous artist expect to pay $5000 - $7500.


Rev. Phillip Schanker will be director of media. Dr. Linda Boyd (director of press relations for the Million Family March) and Mr. Bill Reed (Syndicated columnist) make up our press team.

We are planning an aggressive media campaign. Our Christian pastors feel called to speak out to the media. So far the following have agreed to be spokespersons on a national level: Pastor T.L. Barrett Jr. (COGIC - Church of God in Christ), Dr. Billy McCormack (Baptist/Christian Coalition), Dr. Jesse Edwards (United Pentecostals of America), Rev. Walter Fauntroy (Baptist/Civil Rights leader and former congressman), Dr. Hycel B. Taylor (Baptist/ Professor Garrett Seminary), Rev. Connie Bansa (Congregationalist), Rev. Don Olson (Lutheran), Father Fares (Catholic), Archbishop Timothy Baymon (World Bishops Council), Bishop David Billings (United Fellowship of Churches), Archbishop Robinson (Anglican Church), Dr. Charles Williams (Baptist), Rev. Leroy Elliot (National Baptist Convention), Dr. Elgin Watkins (Church of Christ), Archbishop George Augustus Stallings. Media Coordinators have been set up for each region. We will do selective press conferences throughout the nation.


Father has asked that we advertise our events. he said 10 days before would be best. Advertise in the black press, the gospel radio (if you buy advertising on the gospel radio you can then easily get your pastors on the radio talk shows) Also, use the "We Will Stand" Poster with the pictures of your local ministers as the base for your advertisement.

If you are in states where there are few minorities, develop an ad that will draw the leaders of your communities. We will be working with you on ad development. Our main target for advertising will be to help the states where mobilization is difficult.

Father asked that each event be "exploding" with packed audiences.

The Video:

There will be a video. It is being prepared by Rev. Schanker and Simon Kinney. It will be approximately 12 minutes. It will tell the story of Father and Mother's life and ministry in America since 1971. It will focus on the American chapter of their life and works. and the impact of their ministry in bringing unity among all people. We will bring two VHS copies with us on the tour. Please prepare a back-screen projector (preferred) with an appropriate screen.

Proclamations, Awards and Watches:

The AFC leaders have taken the lead on the proclamations. As before we want to have the Governor, U.S. Senators, U.S. Congressmen, Mayors and State Legislators. Get all the proclamations you can. Please feel free to give awards to help attract great people. Each Event Location will receive a Gift of 14 Gold Watches (18K Gold Plated) from our True Parents. These Watches have a value of $1,200 and may be given away via Lottery. Dr Yang suggests that half could be raffled off during the Pre-Program and the other half after True Parents' have left the Hall. This is just a suggestion, please work the Lottery into your program as you see fit.

VIP Outreach:

Even though we must bring large numbers of guests, don't forget the high level outreach. We should invite the Mayor, Governor and high level denominational and religious leaders. Make a formal invitation and mail to the highest level. Go to city hall and personally hand deliver the formal invitation to every city councilman. Go to the universities and invite every professor. Visit the seminaries and invite all seminary professors. Invite everyone. It's never too late.

Special Support for Many States:

God Bless Betsy Orman in North Dakota. She wrote a powerful request for help stating clearly that the situation was very difficult in North Dakota. Since then several volunteers were secured to go to North Dakota from New York. Rev. Kevin Thompson is sending 7 to Wyoming and 40 volunteers to Nebraska!! We will focus extra attention on states that we feel need special support. This will come through volunteers from your regional headquarters as well as New York, New Jersey, Chicago and San Francisco Regions. CARP is also fully mobilized to help some states. It is very important that every state succeed. PREPARE FOR A VOLUNTEER TEAM TO COME. As a bare minimum we strongly recommend a designated fax line, four (4) phone lines, a reliable email address and transportation. Also, please prepare a place where brothers and sisters can stay.

Send in your DATA REQUEST FORM. Special Request for all information about your events (i.e. Location, name of Hotel, name of Church or speech venue, guest speakers, introducer, invocator. choirs etc.) are desperately needed.

Two Data Request Forms have been sent out by Rev. Jorg Heller to get all detailed Hotel, Venue, Airport, etc. information about every one of your states. We absolutely must have all this information to present to True Parents by Friday morning. Therefore every state form must be complete by Thursday, February 22 at 7:00 pm. Send all partial information you have immediately.

National Phone Bank:

We have established two national phone banks. One in New York and one in Washington, D.C. We have the ability to make 4000 calls per day. We want to call ministers in every state of America. We know that in small states there is not enough manpower to call.

Here us what we need:

Data Base For Phone Banks:

1. Family Flag Data Base: We mailed to 144,000 and hand delivered to 60,000 last year. We need those data bases. We want to combine them into a national central data base. Father emphasized that we should reach out to all the pastors who received the flags and the mailing. We want the names that have the phone numbers for calling. Even without the phone numbers we want the data.

2. Data base of your ministers, all True Family Values graduates, Ministers lists, IIFWP, ACLC, Blessing 2000, WFWP and ALC (if the AFC leader feels it is necessary).

3. Hard copy lists of your phone numbers of all graduates (don't worry if they are not in a database - it's like that everywhere). Give us your names and we will input them into a database for you. Then we will call them.

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