The Words of the Jenkins Family

50 State Tour Update

Michael Jenkins
February 23, 2001

Dear Leaders,

The campaign is in full swing. Based on Rev. Dong Woo Kim's inspiration. WFWP Chairwoman Alexa Ward organized a meeting of the New York Western Women. Rev. Jenkins spoke. These women are women of the covenant. They are as strong in faith or perhaps stronger than the women that died at the Plymouth colony. They just need someone who can bridge between True Parents and their hearts. They have strong original minds.

At Rev. Jenkins talk volunteers were solicited for the phone bank. Many volunteered. Also, many volunteered to invite the professors by going to Union Theological Seminary, NYTS and Columbia. Many came the next day. It makes me cry to see how they came so sincerely forward. They came. I'm so grateful to these western women. They went out courageously. Many special experiences occurred. Also, they went to Cardinal Egan's at the catholic archdiocese. Some went to and met the head of the Queens Federation of Churches. Some went to Mayor Giulliani's and some visited every City Councilman. New York's Leaders know True Parents are coming to the Bronx and that they have massive Christian support. The phone bank lit up the last 3 days with these western women and many second generation and Japanese and Korean sisters. We will make a revolution. Kanae Holt is leading the phone bank they have confirmed 100 ministers that were not confirmed otherwise.

At the end of the meeting at Belvedere Rev. Jenkins asked for everyone to give their $800 on the spot. Several sisters stood up and gave. Then the 700 dollar call was issued, then 6, 5, 4, 3 and all donations. We collected approx. $7000. Today we found out that Mrs. Julie Okamoto and David made an incredible sacrifice and gave $10,000. We are so grateful for such faith. She also came to the phone bank to help. They will be abundantly blessed both spiritually and materially at this time. As will all those who sacrifice to bring guests and build their tribes. God bless these western women who have the heart to be the mothers of this nation. America needs these women to nurture her and give their blood, sweat and tears. I believe with all my heart that the women that God has chose for this dispensation from the western world are of great historical faith and courage. They are the women who are ready to pioneer the Kingdom of God.

However, bringing the Kingdom of God is not without price. When Bishop Billy Robinson committed to host our event he knew God was calling him to do this. However there were a couple of members who didn't understand. They heard negative rumors and began to pass out leaflets against our event in church the other night. Some Bishops that don't understand our fellowship told him to cancel. But he is the Bishop and he has faith and courage. Bishop Robinson challenged them from the pulpit saying. Stop this. God wants us to have this event. Then he asked those members if they were up to date on their tithes and offerings. He then said, I've been the Bishop for 38 years and I know what God wants me to do. It's good for our church and our community to welcome Father Moon here. HE WILL STAND. WE WILL STAND!!

Yesterday, we had the National Speakers Committee meeting with the Ministers who are pledging to stand with True Parents and speak out on this tour. They all were interviewed by the press and gave 3 minute interviews for the speaking tour. These tapes are going out today by Fed X to each FFWPU headquarters. They are , Rev. Dr. Billy McCormack co-founder of the Christian Coalition and pastor of the University Worship Center in La. Pastor T.L. Barrett Jr. of the Life Center Church of God In Christ, Rev. Don Olson of St. Lukes Lutheran Church, Dr. Hycel B. Taylor, former National President of Operation Push, Prof. of Garrett Theological Seminary (United Methodist) and pastor of 2nd Baptist Church of Evanston,Rev. Jesse Edwards of the United Pentacostals of Philadelphia, Bishop Timothy Paul Baymon of the World Council of Bishops, Bishop David Billings of the United Fellowship of Churches, and Rev. Connie Crawford Bansa Pastor of the Church of the Living God in Chicago and Founder of the Jericho Walk which marched 3000 down Marquette Ave. to call for church unity to end racial and youth violence. Rev. Daugherty, Bishop Pak, Wendy Herstein, Rachel Carter and myself also joined in the meeting. . Archbishop George Augustus Stallings, the one who the Washington Post did a full page article on and called him another Martin Luther. He was a revered Roman Catholic priest and scholar who pushed the church too hard for allowing for increased inclusion for black leaders. He formed his own Catholic denomination and has become quite prominent in church circles. While we prepared for them to be the key speakers before Father for our tour they became so strong and righteous. They totally believe that we will unite the churches and save this nation.

While we were meeting the pastor from Miami called who was hosting the event for True Parents. He had been attacked by several ministers who attacked him claiming that Father said he is Jesus. He was truly shaken, however the National Speakers Committee, got on a conference call and read Father's words on Jesus, and then began to proclaim about how each of them had been "crucified" for supporting Rev. Moon. Then Rev. Barrett stated how this is what they did to Jesus 2000 years ago. The minister almost cried. He said, I'm strong now. Father Moon will come to my church. I'm ready.

There are many other serious battles going on, however these ministers are the same spirit as Rev. Martin Luther King who went to jail in Birmingham. These are the ministers who are not afraid of death. Please pray for them. They need your serious support.


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