The Words of the Jenkins Family

Urgent Direction to Reach Christian Leaders

Michael Jenkins
March 7, 2001

To: Regional Directors, Vice RD, State Leaders, ACC/AFC Leaders, Department Leaders, and Tribal Messiahs.

Fm: Rev. Michael Jenkins
Re: Urgent Direction From Dr. YANG and Rev. Jenkins
Dt: March 7th, 2001

Urgent Direction:

Father is very disappointed that the outreach to Christian leaders has been very weak in many areas.

Therefore our emergency response is as follows:

1. Every minister within a 5 hour drive of the host event should be invited by written invitation and phone contact at least 3 times.
2. Every blessed family should report on how many ministers have been invited by them personally.
3. The clergy represent the internal leaders of America which is the 2nd Israel. Through this tour the 2nd Israel can unite with Father and set a condition.
4. Definition of a Christian Leader: Pastor, Asst. Pastor, Minister of Music Youth Minister, Young Adult Minister, Evangelist,

Strategy for Outreach:

1. Mail invitations to 3000 5000 ministers.
2. National phone bank with at least two phone calls. (local calls should be done in addition).
2. Visit the top clergy.
3. Set up a VIP outreach to the top Christian leaders (We need urgent cooperation on this.)
4. Secure Buses - Each church should have a school bus. Secure one volunteer in the church appointed by the pastors to call the members.
5. Visit The Church On the Sundays and Wednesdays before the event attend the church service.

We must make every emergency effort to outreach to Christian leaders please view this as a life or death battle for the spirit and soul of America!

Read Ephesians 6:10 through to the end of the sixth chapter. Put on the Whole Armor.

God bless you. Let us bring victory!!

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