The Words of the Jenkins Family

Rev. Moon's 50 State Tour Plea

Michael Jenkins
March 22, 2001

Dear Leaders,

Keep pushing harder than before. We are now going to the small states. Many of our volunteers are exhausted. Every region is under the greatest challenge that they have ever faced. We just heard today that one of our brothers gave his life in Wyoming. Let us not let him have sacrificed in vain. America must rise.

Our resources are spent. The regions are now canceling banquets that would have given much more prestige to the venue welcoming True Parents in states where there are less than 300 churches in the major city. Why? Our money has run out.

Have you given your $800 yet? Please do not let our campaign falter. So many victories have been secured in impossible odds. However, we have not yet won the war. The war for the soul of America.

Please continue your fervent prayer for our True Parents and Rev. Peter Kim. Father and Mother have gone through sickness, disappointment, and rejection in some areas. I have to say that I'm truly amazed at Father and Mother. Every morning no matter what they begin at 6 am Hoon Dok Hae with the look of total freshness. Parents don't tell us what is really going on. Both are not in good health. They don't want you to know. Nevertheless their spirit is strong. When Father and Mother couldn't sleep after the 13th city (Father had severe stomach pain and couldn't keep his food down. Mother stayed awake all night trying to comfort him. Father latter said it was indemnity to claim the number 13. That morning Father told us we don't understand how serious it is at this time to reach out to ministers.)

When Father and Mother came in the next morning most didn't notice their fatigue. Father's response to being severely ill -- Four Hours of Hoon Dok Hae. Who is he?? Do we really know the value of our True Parents? The closer I get I'm so shocked at how much I didn't understand.

I'm sorry to you America. I am one of those failed American leaders who didn't know the suffering that was going on to heal wounded humanity. I'm deeply sorry to our True Parents and the True Family for my many years as an American who did not go beyond the barriers to make this nation thrive. I'm sorry to you American blessed families that I did not do better to be someone you could follow. How can we be the Elder Son and not know the heart of our Parents? How can America rise if it lacks the heart to truly bear the cross that our parents are carrying? Father is asking us to become the movement that can carry the cross for the world. How can our nation carry this cross if the chosen blessed couples of that nation cannot do it? The only way to gain this heart is on the front line of the battle. That is why I've asked our headquarters in D.C. and N.Y. to GO OUT!! The members who went out from New York, New Jersey and San Francisco are experiencing the heart of heaven. Rev. Andy Compton and Rev. Tom Cutts told me that all the members (mostly in the late 40's and 50's) crammed in a small house in Mississippi. One sister told me how grateful she is that she could have one more taste of such a life while True Parents are on the front line. True Parents are on the front line.

Blessed couples, your value is so immense and yet must of us don't understand. Through thousands of generations God chose those with the best ancestry of sacrifice to be the core blessed couples to be the branches of our True Parents. Do you know who your ancestors are? Do you know how many were martyred for Heaven so that you might stand here today? How much blood was shed that God could create and preserve America? There has been a heavy price for everything that God has claimed from this dark world. I have come to understand that even more blood was shed so that God could preserve Christianity. Father pronounces every night. "I came with one single mission when I came to America. I came to save Christianity, the second Israel. So that America could be saved and then go on to save the world."

The American members are being touched by the severity of sacrifice of Father and Mother. What really brings tears to the eyes of our family members is Father and Mother's kindness and love. Even in situations where the event was not as good as it could have been. Father was so kind and patient. Your testimonies from the ministers provide a great deal of joy and comfort to our parents. Please send in more testimonies of our guests experiences with Father, his speech and all connected to the We Will Stand Tour.

The headquarters of one major denomination called two of our 120. They are sending a letter shortly. The head of the denomination and the local Bishops in that area have become concerned that two of our mainline white leaders have stood up for Father. They were asked not to use the name of their church when they are identified on the program. Our 120 are so righteous. They sent a letter back that they fully respect the denominations concerns but that they will not separate from the We Will Stand Tour and are proud of their being identified as invitational committee members of the We Will Stand Tour. I'm sure that particular denominational headquarters is concerned. They probably should be. One single man, named Martin Luther, stood up and changed the destiny Christianity.

What did Moses go through with Israel? The pain was so great that he eventually lost his heart to the people. What was the feeling of Joshua as he crossed the Jordan? Was everybody on board with the march on Jerico? We are marching on the biggest Jerico of all. The walls of denomination, race and ultimately that between man and woman. Father is in the pulpit every night for two hours. Not all are supportive. There are many different responses and they wear on Father. Not everyone wants to unite. He is trying to pull everyone over the hill into the Settlement Age. Every night embracing the people, regardless of their level of understanding. Every night, night after night. No one has gone to all 50 states in 50 days that I know of, especially at 81. Every night he gives more love and heart to the ministers.

One of our Washington, D.C. sisters had a dream. She related, "We were in a large church. I was in the upper balcony and it wasn't full. Father came into the balcony and sat next to me and said. 'I forgive you!' Then with his glasses on he read the speech with me" This is a true revelation that our sister had. I've experienced this exactly. Because this is Father's last gift to America he has been so forgiving and loving. But on the inside he is disappointed when this happens. When ever we do not fulfill our responsibility the burden goes to our True Parents. Yet, Father's love is so great.

Providence, Rhode Island:

Revs. Kim, Buessing and Groendyke did an excellent job in Providence. Father was very interested in the name Providence. Providence of God. In his opening Abonim said, "It means this city is special in God's eyes." Special thanks to our media team there, Bill Brunnehofer and all. Another victory in a state with very few members. Father had a lot of give and take from the stage with Rev. Minty DeKock a South African minister who has tremendous confidence in True Parents and Father's teaching. Rev. DeKock kept shouting "Amen" so loud and "I believe in you" that it really gave Father a boost. When asked how we are to be born again Father pointed out how big Rev. DeKock's body is and that he can't go back into the womb. The audience roared. Father was particularly pleased in Providence because of the beautiful representation of all colors in the audience.

Earlier that day we were interviewed by the main paper of Providence and the NBC and ABC affiliate. About 7 ministers joined in the press conference. Rev. Valentine, Rev. Kuma, Rev. DeKock, Rev. Valery, Rev. Buessing, former State Representative Bob Ouellette and a few more. Bishop Baymon was the featured national evangelist. He spoke out righteously that this was the movement to save the family. The other ministers went forward one after the other, Rev. Moon is God's prophet, Rev. Moon is the chosen leader to bring the races together. Rev. Moon is another Dr. King. All these quotations were very exciting to hear as the momentum of the conference as well as the tour is spreading like wild fire. Then suddenly breaking with the common assessment of Rev. Moon by the Invitational Committee Members. Rev. DeKock stunned everyone by bursting out "He is the Messiah." Everyone took a deep breath for a moment and then he boomed again, (His voice would be best described as a deep, rich, sonic boom type voice, "That's right, that's what I said, He's the Messiah. He's the anointed one. Jesus chosen and whether you like it or not he's the one. The only reason people are holding back is because they are still holding on to their old dogmas and prejudices that will only continue to divide. It's time for the church to let go!!" Somehow these shocking statements are reverberating around through a shocked room until finally one of the ministers said, "Amen!" Then everyone immediately returned to a sense of inner strength and pride. The Providence Journal's headline was, Rev. Moon Goes Mainstream in 50 State Tour. A quote from Rev. Jenkins was in caption form at the side of a beautiful picture of Father. The quote said, "Years ago, you may have heard that Rev. Moon was not very popular, Times have changed." (By the way this tour has successfully replaced all those old persecution prone shots of Father that were not complimentary - Every paper in the country has fresh new complimentary photos). The first paragraph was powerful. In a program drawing support from the states top political figures the Rev. Sun Myung Moon calls for an increase in family values.

Dr. Jorge Alveraz, Principal and key figure in the Rhode Island educational system presented Father and Mother with the "True Teacher Award." The Korean War Veterans of Rhode Island came out and presented Father with a beautiful framed collage of photos of the Korean War Veterans Memorial. All the veterans on the tour have stayed until the very end. The video highlight of Father's imprisonment in communist prison and subsequent refugee photos and the first mud hut church of the Unification Church creates an unbreakable bond between these patriots and True Parents.(These are the valiant men who gave their lives for freedom, both for America and the world. That condition gives them a base to understand Father like no other generation. )

How sad it is for God that this generation could not have been the ones to STAND with him in 1945 - 1952. Their experience of sacrifice and suffering is far greater than that of their sons and daughters. However, we take comfort in the fact that a new spirit is rising in America where Americans are coming forward, both American Blessed Couples and American Clergy who are feeling the call to lay down our lives for the cause of the Heaven.

I want to ask all Americans to consider this time as one of the greatest opportunity to set your family and nations name in the heavenly scroll as those who, like the signers of the Declaration, like those who fell at Bunker Hill, like those who fell at Gettysburg, like those who died at Verdun, Bataan, Normandy, Pork Chop Hill and Saigon. Like those who died as Christian martyrs that America might live. We blessed families and blessed clergy are rising together following the sacrifice of our True Parents for the will of Heaven.

Every morning we read the Coronation for God's Kingship prayers and speech. Father says in the speech, "If you die you will what?? Live." Do you want America to live??? Then die for America. Die for the unity of Christianity to become a soul force that will heal this land. If you die for the will of heaven you will never die but you will live.

The tour is only half way spent. You still have time. Don't hesitate. Give your life for your nation and your nation will live. I love America but my nation is in deep sorrow and trouble. Those who step forward now to die for the nation as Washington, King and MacArthur did will be those who can light her path into this new Millenium. Who will hold up this blazing torch? Who will stand together with clergy who night after night cross the boundary that Christians have never crossed before? That God's anointed leader, the leader that Jesus has anointed is now before us. These 120 that are proclaiming this are paying a heavy price. Will you stand with them? Those who sacrifice as our Parents have will have great fortune as central blessed families.

Thank You America.

Michael Jenkins

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