The Words of the Jenkins Family

Tour Event Report - St. Louis, Missouri

Michael Jenkins
March 28, 2001

There was heavy persecution in Missouri. The Tim And Al Show, of the local Christian radio had a talk show every single day denouncing Rev. Moon as the antichrist and a false prophet. Many of our 120 clergy who were featured on the show were ridiculed and reviled. Rev. Jenkins was interviewed on the show and it was quite exciting. Rev. Jenkins affirmed the salvific power that comes through the blood on the cross. However, as the Bible notes, he said Jesus must come again to complete the building of the Kingdom of God and the elimination of transfer of original sin to our children. Rev. Jenkins asked the host of the radio show what their position was on why a born-again man and a born-again women give birth to children who, according to the Bible, are born in sin. He could not answer. Rev. Jenkins explained that Christian pastors are coming together because they feel the spirit of Jesus Christ has anointed Father & Mother Moon. Jesus said, "Greater works will you do than I have done." It's because of the transfer of that anointing by Jesus to Father Moon that this work goes on.

The Christian family is the second Israel, and just like the Pharisees of the Old Testament, many Christian leaders are discussing and praying over whether they should come to join the We Will Stand movement. Others, however, are taking the position of a Pharisee who are simply throwing labels such as "blasphemer and antichrist."

One of the speakers on the Christian radio show said that Rev. Moon was the antichrist, but Rev. Jenkins questioned him, pointing out that I John 4 says that the antichrist is the one who denies that Jesus Christ came in the flesh. However, Rev. Moon exalts Jesus as the model of the true family, and also in his written text testifies clearly to Jesus as the messiah who came on earth. Christian leaders could not understand this. However, we extended love to them and respect and invited them to our program.

Every day on the radio they were calling for Christians to unite together to protest the event and to try to cancel the event. Calls went to the hotel and the media, trying to cancel the event. However, the spirit of the Lord is upon us and the event could not be canceled.

The radio show hosts went through every name on the invitational committee, discussing who they were and how they could be stopped on the radio. They read their names and their church names and called upon Christians to deluge them with protests and calls so they would not associate with the false prophet. Rev. Bradford of Shiloh African Methodist Episcopal Church was one of the clergy on the invitational committee and he received a call from one clergyman, who told him that Moon was of the devil. Rev. Bradford, a noted civil rights leader who had walked with Dr. King, who had experienced bombings and burnings, said to that white pastor, "I know Rev. Moon. He is my friend. He's a man of God. I don't know you, and all I do know is that now you're trying to advise me how to run my church, but you never even took the time to come and visit my church. Therefore, brother, I think you're the one ."

Rev. Bradford was alarmed by the viciousness of the attacks, and called his friend, who happened to be the chief of police of the St. Louis police department. There was a full alert with the St. Louis police force, who sent undercover police to the event. A special police escort was given which was supported by helicopter. We want to sincerely thank the police chief, who was sensitive to the call of the pastors.

When we arrived, the press was in a frenzy. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch and several TV cameras were there. The support of the ministers was profound. Because of the persecution, Archbishop Michael West was ten times stronger, and the St. Louis event became one of the best on the tour. Seven families in St. Louis brought over 1,000 guests. We really want to thank Bishop Kim for his steadfast courage in leading the Christian movement. He really was the one who found the breakthrough path to the highest level Christian leaders.

At the press interviews, Dr. Hycel B. Taylor, Bishop West, Rev. Canada, and Min. Donald Muhammad, the leader of the St. Louis Nation of Islam, stood with us. Dr. Taylor highlighted the fact that he was unafraid of the persecution because the same controversy surrounded our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He also said that we should go by the Bible. We should be critical, and yet we should test all spirits, as the Bible says, and we should really look at the fruits. Jesus said to judge them by their fruits. Rev. Taylor said he looked at Rev. Moon's fruits and found that the fruits were good. The first fruit is that of world peace. Rev. Moon is effectively calling religious leaders together from all the world religions to form an advisory council for world leaders. The second fruit is the blessing of marriage and the strengthening of the family. The marriage movement and the rededication of marriage initiated by Rev. and Mrs. Moon have enormous impact on strengthening families throughout America.

The third fruit is that of breaking down the racial and denominational walls. Rev. Moon's support of the Million Family March and his efforts to bring denominations together are having an effective impact on Christendom. Therefore, I have to conclude that I find no fault in him.

Archbishop West stood up at the press conference and said, "we shall not be moved. We know that Rev. Moon is anointed by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We are unafraid and this movement is growing." Thirteen pastors stood with us at the press conference and the press was quite shocked. Many main pastors in the St. Louis area also stood with us.

Min. Donald Muhammad of the Nation of Islam was quoted in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch as saying, "If America will hear and welcome the message of Rev. Moon, this nation will be able to have salvation."

The program that night was truly one of great inspiration. Bishop Erma Canada was the pre-program emcee, and there was a choir of over 100 members from her church and Archbishop West's church. I must say it was a good choir, one that could rock the house, so our attachments to the struggles and pain of our daily life were shaken away.

Then Dr. Taylor gave his message. He was misquoted in the newspaper article, but he expressed that the ideal family that Rev. Moon lifts up is the model that we should shoot for. He also gives support to single parents who are carrying the cross of their families' difficulties, and he prays for their families. Dr. Taylor then testified that Rev. Moon, like Jesus, doesn't need anyone to validate him. He is a prophet in his own right. He is clear about his mission and his message, and he does not compromise. He doesn't need anyone to validate his mission. We can feel the spirit of the Lord is upon him.

The Post-Dispatch headline was, "In speech Moon assails divorce and childless couples."

Many new ministers came, 378 total. When Father asked who is seeing me for the first time, almost everyone raised their hands.

We really want to thank Chicago region for the incredible victory. The next morning, due to the overwhelming support of the pastors, and the VIP status given Father by the city of St. Louis, Father agreed to take a tour of the St. Louis arch. Somehow we felt that since this was the gateway between east and west that some significant event had occurred the night before. It was the 32nd day of our 51-day tour. Father and Mother went up the arch, escorted officially by the Park Service and the police department, treated the way guests of state are treated.

We are deeply grateful for the sacrifices of the Christian pastors, particularly Rev. Bradford, for standing firm to bring about this kind of recognition for our Parents.

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