The Words of the Jenkins Family

Tour Update New Hampshire

Michael Jenkins
April 12, 2001

Dear Leaders and Blessed Families,

The day after Nebraska at Hoon Dok Hae, Father proclaimed the dispensational meaning of the 50-state tour. It represents the 50 days of Pentecost. Now all of the Christian spirit world centering on Jesus has united and is present with us on earth. The substantial unity with Christianity has now occurred and on that foundation, 50 days after the end of the tour a great Pentecost will occur. The spirit is pouring out on all flesh. We must do revivals with the Christians now and bring them to the blessing. This is equivalent to the period in the book of acts in which the spirit manifested and created the second Israel.

New Hampshire - Richard and Majorie Buessing love their home state with the greatest care. Also, Rev. Mark Hanlon as our state director has build a substantive foundation for the work of our True Parents. The way you can tell was the fact that so many important clergy and elected officials were absolutely excited when we came to New Hampshire.

When we arrived, I was invited to sit at lunch with the VIPs from New Hampshire. Such a prestigious welcome for Rev. Jesse Edwards, Bishop Stallings and myself. Mayor Tony Giunta was there and totally positive about our work. Representative Gonzales the first Hispanic elected official in the history of New Hampshire was so excited by the program. The chaplain of the American Legion for the state shared his heart that he knows from the WW II at Normandy and the Korean war who is righteous about God and America. Rev. Moon is righteous. They loved Bishop Stallings and Rev. Edwards who were so moved by the tour and their experience.

CNN came and interviewed Rev. Jenkins with Bishop Stallings. Their main interest was the faith based initiative of President Bush. They asked why are some religious leaders playing upon the fears of people by using the controversy around the Unification Church to scare people. Rev. Jenkins responded, "The answer is simple. Those who are fighting against others when it comes to saving our communities are concerned more about their own self interests than the healing of our communities. The problem of family breakdown is so severe that it is absolutely an emergency. Only a unified cross denominational Christian movement can cause a real change in the moral climate."

Father spoke with great joy in New Hampshire, you could feel that he was loved and respected there.

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