The Words of the Jenkins Family

Interesting Tour Update - Oklahoma and Rev. Edwards' Denomination

Michael Jenkins
April 12, 2001

Thank you for your great sacrifices and support. Please focus your prayers on the final days of the 50 State Tour. True Parents are fighting battles each and everyday. Please do not let up now. This is the most important time to conclude the march to victory.

Oklahoma - As with many of our states there was only a few blessed couples in Oklahoma. The Texas family with the support of New Jersey took responsibility for the event.

We arrived and immediately began our lunch meeting. Gayokla an Indian leader and his father, Saginaw joined us for lunch. They are from the Soc and Fox nation and Saginaw is well known throughout America among the Indian national heads. They shared profoundly the heart of the Indian people and their suffering in America. Saginaw, whose face was deeply lined and weathered from outdoor work, sun exposure and great suffering. Spoke with great humility before our True Parents. Father was extremely peaceful and patient as he heard very detailed accounts of the historical and contemporary suffering of the Indian peoples in America. This was not a simple encounter. Through this tour True Parents are untangling every possible resentment and injustice that America has been part of. He gave very interesting guidance to Guyokla and his father. He told them that they should organize all the Tribal leaders of America and have a seminar. They need to come together beyond their own national differences. The purpose of this We Will Stand 50 state tour was to bring about one unified religious spirit across America. With a common religious spirit we can break down the walls and boundaries that divide us.

Rev. Jesse Edwards flew to Oklahoma several days before the event to help prepare. When I arrived in Oklahoma I happened upon Rev. Edwards just outside the hotel. He was so full of energy and inspiration. It was a great sight to see. He had been calling every white church in Oklahoma city and going through many different aspects of the tour with them. Some got upset, some got inspired. However, the love of Jesus and confidence in the God given mission of our True Parents gives Rev. Edwards great strength. Particularly inspiring was the fact that he showed me the clip board he was carrying with the minister contact sheets that our Family Federation volunteers were using. Rev. Edwards had filled everything out carefully and was very meticulous about his records. The sheet he showed me had the ministers name, church name and all basic information as well as the notes of his conversation. He showed me several sheets saying, "This one here, he got real hot, I think it will take a while before we get to him. However this one over here was very interested. He needs another visit or two."

Our press conference consisted of a most beautiful display of support for True Parents. Rev. Medina had worked extensively as a key organizer for the Billy Graham Crusades and many of the great revival gatherings of some of the nations fastest growing churches. He became disillusioned by the fact that many rapidly growing churches have become more focused on their growth and income than on sincere genuine ministry. Feeling empty he wanted to experience something deeper. When he met True Parents he knew that this was something genuine. He is now so deeply inspired to stand by our True Parents.

He testified at the press conference. "As Christians, we have lost our identity and completely merged into the fabric of this fallen world. We did not understand that as we wove our lifestyles into the common fabric of this secularized and Hollywood adapted society that we were actually becoming bound by the very fabric of which we became part. Bound in such a way that our churches say nothing against the escalating increase of sexual content on television at all hours of the day. We lost our sense of calling as prophets that we must prune the tree to keep it from being diseased. We must proclaim the word of God so that the nation can receive itís life. To shake off the bonds that have bound our Christian leaders, God has raised the Rev. Sun Myung Moon to bring the WORD that once proclaimed throughout the land will cause the wall of denomination and race to come tumbling down."

Then Gayokla at the press conference said he was so moved by Fatherís teaching that he had hope that the white man and the Indian could reconcile. At that moment he pulled out an Indian bead necklace and placed it around my neck. I know that it is only through the love of our True Parents that this could happen. One leader of an Indian nation told me that the expression of real hope that the Indian people can reconcile with the Indians has never been seen until Father and Mother came on the scene.

Then Saginaw gave his statement. He stated that the purpose of We Will Stand is to strengthen the family and restore the community by rectifying the injustice of history. Rev. Moon has been called to bring about this rectification.

The event was not easy to organize. There was only one family in Oklahoma City and the previous event for the region was just 10 days before. The banquet was filled to capacity. Fatherís message was very well received. Many amens and halleluias. This was the city that had suffered the Oklahoma City Bombing. That suffering had broken down many barriers in the Christian denominations. You could see it that night. Rev. Edwards has gotten stronger and stronger. Hours before the event Rev. Edwards was going over many different Bible verses that show the Biblical foundation for Fatherís words. He was particularly happy when we read John 14:12. "If you believe in me you will do my works, and greater works shall ye do." Also, that the fruit was not literal in Matthew 15:11, "Itís not that which goes into a man that defiles himÖ." Rev. Edwards said, Iíve got to be strong tomorrow. Iím going to the convention for my denomination. All the leaders will be there. Each state I go to generates between 50 and 100 calls from that state to my office in Philadelphia. Some are negative. Some donít understand and some are just curious.

The day after the convention I talked to Rev. Edwards. He was so excited!! I went to my denJ.nd they were all positive. Not one Negative comment. Many were curious about what was going on. Some were Deeply interested. I believe the whole denomination is ready to move with us. (20 million Pentecostals in America). I can see it too. Rev. nd they were all positive. Not one Negative comment. Many were curious about what was going on. Some were Deeply interested. I believe the whole denomination is ready to move with us. (20 million Pentecostals in America). I can see it too. Rev. J. is absolutely confident that Pentecost is about to occur.

50 days after Easter Pentecost occurred 2000 years ago when 120 gathered. Now the 120 have faithfully walked the 50 State path of tears, sacrifice and victory with our True Parents. They have grown in ranks to 12000 associated pastors. Christianity has become a movement again. Father just revealed that a massive Pentecost is going to occur 50 days after Easter in 2001. Are you ready?

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