The Words of the Jenkins Family

Sun Myung Moon's Korea Tour July 2001

Mike Jenkins
July 5, 2001

Father and Mother are touring Korea. I'm traveling with True Mother. Bishop Stallings, Rev. Barrett, Rev. Edwards, Archbishop Milingo and Bishop J. all give John The Baptist speeches before Father and Mother. Mother is going to 4 cities simultaneously while Father goes to 4 different cities. The very top Christian leaders, politicians, professors and women leaders are attending. They are getting standing ovations (which I'm told doesn't usually occur. Father has been speaking 2 to 3 hours and Mother 1 hour. We held a national press conference with the ministers modeled after the WE WILL STAND TOUR. Huge news broke out all over Korea. About 20 reporters came and all major TV media. We were on last nights news. Big news that Christians, white and black, Catholic and Protestant are proclaiming absolute support for our True Parents.

Archbishop Milingo and the blessing were featured. It was very exciting to see all the Korean newspapers filled with positive stories. Interviews were done with each minister and separate stories published. Rev. Hwang and all the Korean family have already brought great joy to our True Parents and True Parents are totally victorious.

Today Father asked the ministers to make a proclamation. Rev. Barrett delivered it publicly. After WWII Christianity failed to accept our True Parents but now through the WE WILL STAND TOUR , Christianity has accepted TRUE PARENTS AND WILL NEVER SEPARATE. Then Rev. Barrett introduced his wife who was brought back by True Parents.

Bishop Stallings is boldly proclaiming that True Parents are the Messiah - the anointed one.

Rev. Edwards testifies to Jesus anointing of True Parents. Bishop J. proclaims that Christianity is experiencing the Pentecost and has united as one because of Father and Mother Moon.

All the clergy are proclaiming that as Christianity the Second Israel United the wall between N. and S. Korea will come tumbling down.

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