The Words of the Jenkins Family

Archbishop Milingo

Michael Jenkins
July 20, 2001

Dear Leaders,

Archbishop Milingo has returned from Korea with his beautiful bride Maria. They are very happy in their new family life!! The Archbishop returned to find that the Vatican has given him until August 20th to come back to the church.


We need all out coordination for an important event. Archbishop Milingo is once again on the world stage as the Vatican has issued a formal statement that the Archbishop must leave his wife and come back to the church ... or .... he will be excommunicated. As far as our research and Catholic authorities have reported (including the Archbishop) this has never happened before. This means that he remains at this time as an official of the Roman Catholic Church. In that capacity we will launch a speaking tour throughout key cities of the US beginning in NYC on Tuesday, July 24th. We need to know all revival or key church wed. night services where the archbishop can speak and perform prayers for healing. the next day he will do a press conference. As an official Archbishop of the Roman Catholic church he is calling upon all Catholic laity and former Catholic priests and current Catholic priests, Bishops and Archbishops to open their hearts for open dialog. The Harris polls and many others (ABC Poll in Chicago) reveal overwhelming support for marriage as an option for priests. We need to bring this to every talk show and TV and news media in the country.

The Pope dearly loves Archbishop Milingo and he loves and respects the Holy Father. God has prepared a great pentecost and moment for liberation of the church and the priests. Many members of the Catholic church are crying out for a solution as the priests cannot keep this vow.

Please let us know what cities we must travel too.

Rev. Phillip Schanker and Michael Leone will coordinate the media together with the professional Christian media team that did the Million Family March and the We Will Stand Tour - Dr. Linda Boyd.

Urgent - All UTS Grads

We need precise and accurate research that supports the need for the church to give priests the option. Currently the Catholic church is reported to have 5000 parishes in America with no Priest. Now the Catholic church allows married Lutheran and other denominational pastors to join the priesthood with full rights. (Celibacy is not a spiritual discipline).

Please stand with Archbishop Milingo and encourage all Christian leaders to do so. (For interesting info concerning celibacy and priests check out the web site).

Thank You.


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