The Words of the Jenkins Family

Special Prayer Request

Michael Jenkins
August 21, 2001

Dear Leaders and Families,

We sincerely ask that all leaders and families join in heartfelt prayer that the trip to Rome of Pastor and Mrs. Barrett will go well and will foster unity between Protestant and Catholic. Please pray for the meeting of Archbishop Milingo and his wife Maria and that God's will might be done.

The Italian public, particularly the women, are in sympathy with Maria Milingo who is entering her 7th day of fasting. Yesterday, the Vatican called upon the one Ambassador to assist them in requesting that Maria stop fasting. Upon the Ambassadors meeting with Maria, he was moved in his heart about her sincere love for her husband. The Ambassador reported this back to the Vatican and that they must move quickly because Maria's health is not good. The Vatican responded that Archbishop Milingo will meet with Maria.

This Sunday morning in Italy Pastor T.L. Barrett and his wife Cleo arrived in Rome. Pastor Barrett goes as a representative of Protestant Christianity and as the Co-convenor of the American Clergy Leadership Conference. Recently Pastor Barrett did a moving CNN interview that expressed prayer and love for Archbishop Milingo and Maria and an aire of respect for the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church. Pastor Barrett said, "As religious leaders, Protestant and Catholic, we must uphold the love that Jesus gave to us, thay we love one another. We must join together to seek understanding and a reconciliation that brings joy to God's heart. We respect the rights of Maria and of Archbishop Milingo. If the Archbishop is not committed to the marriage, we want his wife to have a chance to hear that directly from him."

Pastor Barrett recently had a miracle in his own life. During the 50 State "We Will Stand" tour his wife Cleo, from whom he had been separated for 10 years returned home and they have resumed their married life. Pastor Barrett will go to be a support for reconciliation, love and understanding. Pastor Barrett is also requesting a meeting with the Holy Father, that will embrace the Pope as God's annointed representatives.

All indications are that the Pope has shown great compassion for Maria and Archbishop Milingo. The Pope is seeking God's will. He sent his personal security detail to escort Maria each day as she goes to pray at St. Peter's.

Sincerely Yours,
Rev. M. W. Jenkins




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