The Words of the Jenkins Family

Archbishop Milingo's Followers Rally

Michael Jenkins
August 25, 2001

Dear Leaders,

Dr. Kaufman and I reviewed a short video clip of the Archbishop at the press conference. It's not conclusive. The Archbishop however has a 3 day beard and speaks (according to Reuters) in confused Italian. Bishop Stallings says that the Archbishop never speaks in confused Italian.

Also, a very interesting event is happening at 5:30 pm (Italian time). Apparently a number of the Archbishop's followers in Rome are very upset at what they saw on the TV. They are at the Vatican now with a doctor demanding to see the Archbishop.

They have committed to come to the press conference tonight. The international media will be there.

Maria is unfazed going on 14 days. She is quite weak now. We are considering her health.

Please keep the faith.

Attached is the Reuters article.


<'javascript: Married Archbishop to Reconcile With Church

By Jane BarrettROME (Reuters) - Emmanuel Milingo, the archbishop who scandalized the Vatican



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by marrying a woman chosen for him by the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, said on Friday he was returning to the Roman Catholic Church and loved his wife as a sister.The Zambian prelate also said members of Moon's Unification Church were controlling his wife Maria Sung although she quickly rejected such an idea.Milingo, who was threatened with excommunication after he married Sung at a mass wedding in May, said he had been moved by Pope John Paul (<*


<* sites)'s call to ``come back to the Catholic Church.''``My deepest desire is to obey the Holy Father and submit to the laws of the Church,'' he told Italy's main evening news broadcast, after more than two weeks out of public view.``I love you (Maria) as a sister and I will continue to pray for you for the rest of my life,'' he added, reading from a letter he said he had tried to send to Sung but which had been kept from her by Unification Church members with her in Italy.Sung watched the broadcast with reporters on a huge screen set up in her Rome hotel.``It's not possible, it's not possible. He's been drugged, he's been drugged,'' the 43-year-old said, wringing her hands, before fleeing to her room.Later in the evening, a calmer Sung gave a news conference and told reporters she hoped to see Milingo face-to-face and still believed he would not walk away from their marriage.Milingo, speaking in often confused Italian, did not specify that he would leave Sung but recalled ``the great responsibility of an archbishop as well as the celibacy I promised.''Sung clung on to the idea that somehow Milingo could reconcile his position as a Catholic prelate and as her husband.``I believe in him. He will never leave me,'' she said.UNDER CONTROLMilingo said he hoped to meet Sung ``to agree how to continue our lives'' but lashed out at members the Unification Church, accusing them of calling Sung's shots.``I sent written appeals to those who are controlling her, to (Unification Church spokesman) Reverend Schanker who is holding her at the moment, to tell him it has to be the two of us who make the final decisions,'' said Milingo, wearing his clerical dog collar and a crucifix.But Sung said it had been her decision to refuse Milingo's missives.``Monsignor Milingo expressed his desire to meet me. I share that desire,'' she added, pointing out that the 71-year-old had looked tired and disheveled, having grown a light beard.Milingo's television appearance was the latest twist in a bizarre saga that has kept Italy hooked during the August lull.The controversial faith healer and exorcist had been threatened with a total cut off from the Church if he did not renounce his wife, turn his back on Moon and declare his obedience to the Pope by August 20.Earlier this month, he unexpectedly turned up in Rome to mend bridges then vanished for what the Vatican called ``a period of reflection and prayer.''Sung -- who maintains that Milingo never left the Catholic Church -- accused the Vatican of holding her husband prisoner and declared a hunger strike until she saw him again. On Friday, she said that decision still stood.Unification Church members said diplomatic negotiations with the Vatican for the couple to meet had stalled because Sung insisted on a private meeting in person and would not accept a list of conditions apparently set by Milingo.

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