The Words of the Jenkins Family

FFWPU Response To Cardinal Theodore McCarrick

Michael Jenkins
August 27, 2001

To: National Desk
Contact: Mike Leone, 212-997-0050

WASHINGTON, Aug. 27 /U.S. Newswire/ -- The following is a statement by Rev. Michael Jenkins, president, Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, in response to a statement by Cardinal Theodore McCarrick:

We are disappointed at the recent statement by Cardinal Theodore McCarrick of Washington D.C. commenting on a difficult situation in Rome and Vatican City. We imagine the Holy Father must be deeply involved in matters which are happening in his own residence, and must be doing everything possible to guide his community to represent Christ, and Christian love and charity through this challenging time. Why then would a Cardinal so far from the scene comment in a manner patently in violation of Biblical and Roman Catholic teachings?

Cardinal McCarrick's statement mocks the actions not only of a fellow Roman Catholic cleric, but also dozens of faithful families from 37 Christian denominations, and 5 world religions including one former head of state. It is our understanding that the Roman Catholic community upholds ecumenical respect toward members from other Christian denominations, and interfaith respect for believers from the world religions. Cardinal McCarrick should apologize for his rash and offensive public remarks. Perhaps they were made in haste and without proper reflection or prayer.

On May 27th Archbishop Emanuel Milingo together with 59 other couples from 37 Christian Denominations and 5 world religions participated in a public, sacred ceremony of Marriage Blessing officiated by Reverend and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon. All parts of the ceremony were carried out in the light of day, with the whole world invited through international media. All members of the ceremony welcomed the press immediately thereafter and ever since.

Following the Blessing ceremony, Archbishop remained perpetually in public doing press conferences and services in Chicago, New York and Washington D.C. He issued several closely reasoned essays explaining the Marriage Blessing and his decision to marry grounded in Biblical and Catholic theology.

Presently Maria Sung, the wife of Archbishop Milingo is on the 14th day of a fast for her husband's well being, and is suffering greatly due to the sudden and shadowy disappearance of her husband from public view. She is burdened with wifely care and concern, as well as taking to heart Reverend Moon's teachings that marriage is the most sacred of all human activity, and partners in marriage must respect and care for each other wholeheartedly at all times.

It is deeply unfortunate that Cardinal McCarrick should choose to insert himself at such a bad time and in so unseemly a manner. He has assailed an innocent woman in distress, has mocked millions of sincere Unification families, as well as mocked Christian clergy from 37 denominations, and spiritual leaders from 5 world religions.

Maria Sung, is a faithful Unificationist who has been taught by her pastor and teacher, Reverend Moon, the biblical and divine injunction put forth by Jesus in Matthew 19:6, "... What therefore God has joined together let no man put asunder." She also studied deep, Biblical support for the sanctity and permanence of her marriage from her husband, Roman Catholic Archbishop Emanuel Milingo.

Archbishop Milingo himself demanded the retraction of remarks like Cardinal McCarrick's when asked what he thought about church officials saying that his marriage to Maria was not valid because it wasn't recognized by the church. His response -- He asked then if the marriage of his own parents in Africa is one which should be mocked and derided because it wasn't approved by the church.

We of the Unification movement have never wavered from loving and respecting our brothers and sisters in the Roman Catholic Church, as well as Roman Catholic clergy. While we decry the disrespectful, offensive, and factually errant statement of Cardinal McCarrick, we continue to love and respect our Roman Catholic brothers and sisters, and continue to pray for Roman Catholic clergy who have been entrusted by God and Jesus to represent Christ's love in the world.

We also apologize to the Christian ministers who together with their wives and families experienced the joy of the Holy Spirit on the occasion of the Holy Blessing in which Archbishop Milingo married Maria Sung. These leaders should not be subject to hostile and slanderous accusations from anyone, and certainly not from an important Roman Catholic Cardinal.

We hope the Roman Catholic curia will publicly distance the Mother Church from Cardinal McCarrick's statement which is factually errant, and more importantly violates Christian charity, Biblical injunction, and minimum human decency.

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