The Words of the Jenkins Family

Archbishop Milingo

Michael Jenkins
August 28, 2001

Dear Family,

We sincerely thank you for your prayers and support for Archbishop Milingo and Maria. As you know they finally met tonight and they are not getting back together at this time.

Again, do not take this at face value. Father stated that God's will is being accomplished in a very mysterious way.

We especially want to thank Maria for her great dignity in her sacrifice and dedication to the Blessed Family and Marriage. She is absolutely determined to remain faithful to her husband. She will have no other. She is a saint and model of fidelity and true love.

We also thank Rev. Kwak and Dr. Yang for their prayers and patient counsel concerning our attitude of faith and respect for the Catholic Church.

Also, Rev. Phillip Schanker worked without ceasing to help the world hear Maria's voice and understand her heart and the love between the Archbishop and Maria, as well as our respect and love for the Catholic faith. The NY Times said today that the public relations battle was clearly leaning in our direction. We are grateful for Rev. Schanker's courage to stand for what is right - marriage and family under God. Also, Rev. Oliver, who has served as a special assistant to Archbishop Milingo has stood by his side and that of Maria did an incredible job.

Also, Pastor Barrett and Dr. Hycel Taylor are to be commended and appreciated for the sacrifices they made to fulfill the will of God and assure that the Archbishop and Maria would meet. We thank Dr. Kaufman and all those that worked on an ad hoc committee to generate world support for their meeting.

Thanks to PA, Revs. Song and Bellabarba the national leader and all Italian members for their support.

Our prayers go out for Archbishop Milingo, the Pope and the Catholic Church. We pray that through this dispensation they will fulfill the next step in God's providence to strengthen marriage and family and bring understanding and love among all religions.

Now our attention must turn to the great Blessing at Madison Square Garden on September 22, 2001. Every family is needed to help America fulfill her responsibility. Please bring 3 ministers couples if you are outside of the NY/NJ area. The Elder Son nation is in a crucial moment in the providence of God. Let the courage and faith of all American blessed families shine forth as we join together with the great Christian clergy of the We Will Stand Tour bringing about the blessing of all families and the end of divorce, and end racial and denominational division.

God is on His Throne!!

Thank You America.

Rev. Michael Jenkins

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