The Words of the Jenkins Family

We Will Stand In Oneness Holy Blessing

Michael Jenkins
September 8, 2001

Dear Blessed Central Families and All members,

We are deeply grateful for the sacrifices you continue to make for Godís providence. We sincerely thank you for your unchanging faith. The "We Will Stand In Oneness" Revival, Blessing and Holy Convocation will be held at Madison Square Garden on Saturday, September 22nd from 10 am to 1 pm. This effort is heading toward a victory. Literally hundreds of Christian ministers and churches are organizing side by side with our blessed families to bring thousands of couples. Based on the Coronation Ceremony for Godís Kingship the Blessed Central Families are manifesting their power to break down the walls and bring so many new Christian ministers. Imagine, 12,000 clergy couples gathered together. Our Christian leaders are proclaiming that this is like the time in the book of Acts when 120 gathered and Pentecost occurred. They are predicting that when 12,000 gather at the Garden an international Pentecost will occur. However, although things are going very well, we must be careful to invite everyone - clergy, vips, professors and neighbors, friends and relatives as well as every Family Church member we know and make sure, even to the last minute, that they come to Madison Square Garden. Please be extremely diligent and responsible at this time. Let us give of ourselves in every possible way to ensure success at Madison Square Garden.

We are so grateful for our American blessed families. Last year we sacrificed for the Million Family March and God blessed us. During the 50 state tour our American movement made a new beginning and we won the victory as one family together with our True Parents. Positive media heralded a new Family Movement initiated by our Father and Mother. Then came the 60 couple "WE WILL STAND IN ONENESS HOLY BLESSING" which brought world wide attention to the Blessing.

Since then a significant representation of the Christian family (both Catholic and Protestant) has become one with us and is working in direct ways to expand the establishment of Blessed families within their own faith traditions. Bishop Stallings and Bishop J. and many other clergy are directly proclaiming the Blessing is the next step in Godís providence for Christianity.

Pastor T.L. Barrett is testifying to the healing of his marriage and family that God manifested through True Parents.

The intense historical moment of Maria Sung Milingo fasting at the price of her life in St. Peterís Square to see her husband, Archbishop Milingo had our blessed families and many people throughout the world riveted to the newscasts and internet. Finally they were able to meet for three hours. They expressed great love and respect for each other. A love based on Absolute Faith. Please do not draw any final conclusions.

Father has expressed that what happened is going forward according to the will of God and that we should be confident that God is in charge of this dispensation. The circumstances around this historical couple are profound and the story is not over yet. Many details cannot be revealed. We ask that you remain in prayer for the Archbishop who is truly a great man of God. We also ask that your pray for and express love for the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church. The Pope made very direct and personal efforts to express love and kindness for Maria. We are grateful for his kind heart. We pray that Protestant and Catholic as younger and elder brother can become one.

As Blessed Central Families, we often feel that the burden of the providence is very heavy. It seems as if there will be no way to make everything (personal, family and public areas) successful. However, I have witnessed True Parents standing at this crossroads many times. They always go over it. They always STAND firm. (Thatís why our theme "We Will STAND" in oneness is so important). At one point, on the 50-state tour, our various institutions were on the verge of collapsing - every source for support had already sacrificed so much. I saw Father receive report after report of desperate situations that were going to collapse. He took each report patiently and then, with a very kind and warm voice, he guided the leaders to have faith and trust God. He told them that God needed them to go another step. One by one miracles occurred. After that very tense period Father had a Hoon Dok session to comfort his heavy heart. True Mother and Father kept giving and giving and then would take one step after another to fulfill the goal. Finally, after a few days the crisis passed and blessing came. Father never stopped giving and especially he never stopped loving. Father and Mother always say yes to God! No matter what their circumstances.

True Parents love you and your family. Whatever your condition, whatever your state - True Parents love you. Your family has been hand picked by God and now the appointed hour has come to substantiate the Kingdom of God. By giving the way True Parents do, you can come to feel close in heart with them.

Dear Blessed Central Families, a great outreach is going on throughout New York, New Jersey, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. and across the east coast. Please join in in any way that you can!! Atlanta and Florida regions are making breakthroughs with clergy. Los Angeles and San Francisco are bringing over 200 clergy and Christian leaders and couples. Chicago is working on 2000 Christian leaders with 400 Clergy couples. Minneapolis, Denver, Seattle, St. Louis, Dallas, Columbus and many other major cities and regions are in full swing. I know that clergy couples from as far away as Alaska and Hawaii are coming. (Rev. Ernie Ho has sent numerous reports of couples coming from Hawaii even though he is now the Alaskan state leader!)

Please understand that though a great effort is going on, every single family is needed to make a condition for the sake of America. We know that this Hoy Blessing at Madison Square Garden is not the final battle but only a stepping stone to the next providence, but this stepping stone is a big one. The next step is a FAMILY MOVEMENT. We need your prayers and substantial support

Please reach out to the maximum now. Every person who comes to the Garden can potentially have a most significant life changing experience of hope for the family and happy marriages.

Also, all 2075 couples are asked to come to the MSG to celebrate this blessing and then join with True Parents on Sunday, September 23rd for a special celebration at Belvedere for all who were blessed in 1982. ALL 2075 PLEASE COME. Bring your family.

Rev. Kwak and Dr. Yang are directly guiding this Holy Blessing - both in outreach and program development. Mr. Joo, and all major leaders are supporting this historic moment. Through their guidance, The Revival, Blessing and Holy Convocation is now becoming an International blessing of world religious, academic, social and government leaders. Over 1000 Ambassadors of Peace are coming from 185 countries. Many are former heads of state. 350 American Social, Civic and political leaders are coming through the America Family Coalition. Though the basic atmosphere will have a Christian spirit we will be very careful to make the program warm and embracing to all faiths and peoples. A significant turnout of young people are expected from the 3000 voice choir. Therefore we have asked the International President of World CARP, Hyun Jin Nim, to consider addressing them. From Madison Square Garden we want to launch a worldwide FAMILY MOVEMENT.

Mrs. Erikawa inspired hundreds of Japanese missionaries to come and work for MSG. . She is going out all day visiting churches. The clergy are so happy to see the missionaries! All the regional directors moved to the boroughs of New York to insure success Like the 50 state tour many, many members have moved into New York and New Jersey to work for MSG. God bless these great families!!


Every family should make a condition of sacrifice for MSG in four major ways.

2. The American Blessed Families are asked to give $500 to your regional headquarters. We know that many have given until it seriously hurts, but please give your best with a grateful heart. God will bless you if you give joyfully with faith. Itís a spiritual law.
3. SUPPORT YOUR REGIONAL EFFORT: Every family should be making effort to bring at three clergy couples to Madison Square Garden. Cooperate with your regional headquarters. Contact your regional HQ for info on discounted travel arrangements.
4. We need every single member in America, who possibly can, to come and be with us from September 20 Ė 23rd. We need 500 members to handle all of the churches. We need 20 people for the choir management. We need 150 people to handle ushering.
If you can work on staff please email us at

Your family is a Holy family and as a Blessed Central Family you are given the authority to pray in your own name. Through your sacrifice (on what ever level) for Madison Square Garden you will receive great blessing. Your ancestors rejoice because of your family. Through your family they have a base through which they can experience great spiritual growth by contributing directly to Godís providence while True Parents are with us. We sincerely thank Dae Mo Nim for her support from heaven.

Father was moved by the American blessed families on the 50-state tour. Our American blessed families are now made up of Korean, Japanese, American, European, African, Asian and Indian- all humanity. Because you represent all mankind the American blessed Family brings a special joy to True Parents when they sacrifice to save the Elder Son Nation. Fatherís heart is being moved by American families sacrificing for MSG. Heís inspired by the cooperation of all organizations for success. We sincerely thank all our organizational leaders for their sacrifice to make this successful. CARP USA is making a major contribution of volunteers.

Please sacrifice for the Garden.

Bring your clergy who came to support Father on the 50-state tour. Come to the Garden together with your family and celebrate!! Thank you America. Let us bring great victory as one family.

Sincerely Yours in True Parentís Love,

Rev. Michael Jenkins
Family Federation for World Peace and Unification - USA

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