The Words of the Jenkins Family

Emergency State In America

Michael Jenkins
September 11, 2001

Dear Leaders and Families,

We are greatly alarmed and saddened by the tragedy that has struck America today. However, we know that these events are somehow connected to the urgent crisis that is facing our nation.

If we do not unify the body of Christ and then embrace all races and peoples of the world America will not be able to fulfill her God given role.

We weep for the families of those who have suffered this immense tragedy.

In light of this we now give our heartfelt and earnest prayer to God that he will heal our land and bring all people together.

Madison Square Garden is the epicenter of religious unity leader towards blessed families. It is absolutely urgent that we bring every family, every minister, every political leader, every academic leader every person of good conscience to the Garden.

Please America, hear the call of God and bring the religious people of this nation together to heal the family.

America is a great nation but it is a nation in great need of revival and healing.

Please come to the Garden now.

Our prayers again go out for all families who directly suffer due to this great tragedy.

We ask that all join in prayer that the nation might overcome this trial and come to experience the love of God and True Parents that is being expressed for all religions races and peoples at this Madison Square Garden blessing.

Sincerely yours in the Love of our True Parents,


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