The Words of the Jenkins Family

Every Family Asked to Attend MSG

Michael Jenkins
September 11, 2001

Dear Leaders and Families,

Many miracles are occurring as we close in on the MSG victory. Bishop Stallings in particular is opening up major doors as his sermons clarify how Jesus is calling all the Christian family to unite and how the Gospel calls us to create families. Jesus said in Mt. 19:4-6 "God made man male and female in his own image.... It is right for a man to leave his father and mother and join with his wife as one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together let no man put asunder."

In one major church in New Jersey Bishop Stallings preached about the anointing of God and how in Psalms 86 we are all little god's in the image of our Father. After the sermon the pastor got so excited. His key leaders were all there and this unlocked the door. Because they heard about the messiah issue connected to Rev. Moon they always felt a block about it. Bishop Stallings sermon about anointing cleared it up and they are now organizing 50 couples and another 100 family members.

Bishop J. preached in the Bronx to a Spanish ministers meeting. Afterwards he offered prayers for healing. Many experienced healing. 10 churches signed up that night for 12 buses.

Brothers and Sisters. Don't miss the Garden. Don't miss this opportunity to have your family participate in this historic moment where Clergy, religious and political leaders from all over the world join in the Blessing. Bring your family. Bring every minister and their spouse that you know. Bring every friend, relative and guest.

All families are invited to attend. All 2075 couples should attend as couples. Father has asked for a giant reunion of the 2075 at Belvedere on Sunday the day after Madison Square Garden.

Please come from every corner of America to join with our True Parents on this moment in which the second Israel receives God's blessing and becomes the Elder Son nation that can lead the world into oneness.

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